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Answer: None, it’s hot out and it disappeared. Like magic…


The GOP needs to hide facts and deny reality.

Nothing new.


“These problems mean that our hospitalization data — a crucial metric of the COVID-19 pandemic — is, for now, unreliable, and likely an undercount. We do not think that either the state-level hospitalization data or the new federal data is reliable in isolation,”

Because someone who shall not be named loves their numbers to be low wrt to Covid but laments and rages if their poll numbers are low!

And because a crucial metric of the pandemic is now unreliable, it will be Whack-a-Covid-Outbreak over and over again!

Which also means that our economic recovery will be longer as long as Covid is not under control, in addition to the historic 32.9% Q2 GDP contraction!


Instead, the move has created widespread confusion, leaving some states in the dark about their hospitals’ remaining bed and intensive care capacity and, at least temporarily, removing this information from public view. As a result, it has been unclear how many people are in hospitals being treated for COVID-19 at a time when the number of infected patients nationally has been soaring.

If we stop tracking hospitalizations, then people will stop being hospitalized for COVID-19. Working as intended. /s


The whole thing reeked of another Republican number cooking operation from the git go. They are dangerous idiots.


It’s a reminder of the disadvantage our side has: breaking shit is always easier than making stuff work.


Perhaps, someone should tell that to Herman Cain…

Cain tweeted a link to a Western Journal article about South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who bragged that social distancing will not be required at a July 4th Trump rally at Mt. Rushmore. In his tweet, Cain added: “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”


This, right here.

Last week, HHS noted, 93% of its prioritized list of hospitals, excluding psychiatric, rehabilitation and religious nonmedical facilities, reported data at least once during the week. (The guidance to hospitals asks them to report every day.)

Words fail.


"“They don’t transmit very easily,” Trump said when asked whether he was concerned that opening up schools would lead children to spread the virus to older family members. “They don’t catch it easily, they don’t bring it home easily, and if they do catch it, they get better fast.”


the rollout of this has been absolutely a catastrophe

Did anyone expect a different result?


This, you hateful fscking icnompetent asswipes, is why you always test and always run systems in parallel when lives are at stake. (Even more) people will die because of this stupid political diversion. In a non-banana-republic, that would mean jail time for the perpetrators.


Cuz numbers make him look bad.


Machiavelli meets The Three Stooges.


This is just a preview of the horror ahead. My nephew’s school –somewhere in Georgia where people place no trust in science, data, and sense– will start classes as if everything were normal.


When Obamacare rolled out, the website issues were blasted all over the media and hyped by Republicans. But, those were just issues with software, no one died over them, and it was all worked out in the end.

Now, while people are dying, the information flow that helps everyone is transferred from a well oiled system that was working well to an untested system that is reporting faulty data (and apparently isn’t all that great either). How many wrong decisions are being made based on this bad data? How many people died in the past week because of some error? How are these numbers being collated and used? We can’t even be sure if they are being purposefully manipulated or it’s just incompetence.

And, we know where the Republicans are…cowering in the corner and hoping no one notices that they have been supporting Trump all this time. The media should be trumpeting this story, it’s a huge deal that no one knows these kinds of figures as the pandemic rages…this knowledge is critical to keeping Americans alive. We’re a short step from the numbers just disappearing, or being twisted around to decrease the appearance of seriousness…it would take little effort to make it all “go away” despite the epidemic raging across the nation.


It wouldn’t be that easy considering all the local authorities and health care facilities involved.

China lied all the way down the line but we still know enough. And there are videos. There are always videos now.


I can only hope that a Biden administration will include broad and very public investigations of the grift and malfeasance committed by the Dotard and his minions, including every Senator, Congressional member and contributor that assisted and benefitted from their criminal acts. Not being thorough or just putting the past behind us will be detrimental to the Republic.

The first step in healing will be identifying and removing all parts of this cancer.


No, it wouldn’t be that easy, but sowing confusion would cause all kinds of problems, and more dead people, and trying to collate all of that independent data would be a nightmare. That was the entire point of the CDC website, to make one place to put everything so it was easily accessible and plans could be made. If we’re lucky, the states are at least able to do the same thing for themselves…though we know that at least a couple of states are monkeying with their data as well.

I swear, they must have a committee that meets each week to see how they can fuck the government up even more, that’s the only explanation for how they keep making things so much worse.


In the middle of a pandemic the Trump administration decides to switch to an untried/untested system to report the numbers of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. The new system is having issues and is not reliable. More chaos and it will get worse. (head-desk)