How Dare You Suggest The Political Party That Keeps Talking About Civil War Is Talking About Civil War

Right-wing media reacted in hysterics Monday to some remarks that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made on MSNBC over the weekend, expressing concern about the specter of violence Donald Trump and Republicans have spent the last four-plus years conjuring.

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Sounds like the suspects (the GOP) are getting “jumpy”. Bullies hate being called out for what they really are - cowards and abusers of everyone else.

That Trump and his minions are fully capable of violence against the Republic is obvious - Jan. 6th has proven that. I salute Rep. Waters for calling them out - she shouldn’t be the only one in the party. The DNC should have her back and EVERYONE in America who is not a MAGAT needs to address Trump as Convicted Felon Trump (CFT). “TFG” no longer applies.


Maxine is just the beginning, Snowflakes!


Team Trump want to attract black male voters by using his felony to relate to them (yes, already doing). Then call Bragg “fat Albert” and attack Waters with racist tropes. Boggles the mind.


Black males are not going to fall for the con, even if they watched that misinformation channel.
And black females are even smarter.


Gaslighting is an integral part of the abuser playbook; i.e., the only real surprise would be if they didn’t do it.


Part & Parcel of the racist-trope arsenal: Call a Black woman “Low IQ” and/or
“Classless”. Or it could be an anomaly in the heat of the moment… say what?


Okay, they are sensitive on being called out on this one. Time to discuss this openly and frequently. A lot. Hit them while they are reacting. Because they will only make it worse when they gnash their teeth and hiss at the daylight.


“Don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do.”― Steven D. Levitt, [Think Like a Freak]


Nothing surprising from Fox.

They’ve adopted Trump’s habit of calling people who scare them “low IQ”. That’s become kind of a “tell” for Trump and his minions. Right out of Trump’s habitual high school bully 101 manual. His whole act was once shocking for breaking our political norms: now it is just a pathetic self-own.


Pretty pathetic when the whole of MAGA Nation falls on the left side of the Stanford-Binet IQ test distribution. Not a lot of NHS, Mensa or Rhodes scholars on that side of the distribution. It’s not easy being dumb.


Funny how an old Black woman makes all these macho White gun toting males shit their pants.


The overt racism directed at Bragg and Waters won’t produce Black male voters. It is absurd and they are dreaming.


There’s video of Trump supporters pointing at the jurors after the verdict and basically saying “we are going to kill you and your families and your children”. Literally, they threatened to kill their children. The violent rhetoric is on the right, it’s in support of Trump, and it’s being spoken openly…those people really do want to kill any liberals that get in their way. They just aren’t brave enough to do it themselves, so they are hoping Trump wins again and unleashes the military on all of us…it’s going to be interesting to see how far they decide to take it if Trump loses and calls them to action to try to install him as president.

Republicans and their media are in full support of this, at least the ones that aren’t so afraid to be run over by it that they are parroting the violent rhetoric so they can survive.


[The Soft Civil War declared by the Stupid]

By the way, I’m beginning to get comfortable with Trump’s being sent off for 4 years in the slammer. Didn’t use to want that, but yeah, why the fuck not?


This exactly.


It’s only a Civil War because democrats keep doing stuff they don’t like. You know, it’s all the democrats fault. Republicans are just standing their ground… with extreme prejudice.


They like to talk about civil war because it worked out so well the last time, or so they like to think.


Can we please remember that the P in GQP stands for Projection?

They have been projecting their thoughts, attitudes and actions on Dems and other non-GQPers for at least a decade.

The sociopaths performing the projection really hate when what they represent is thrown back in their faces.


The problem is these so-called low IQ folks run rings around Faux Noise’s audience. No comparison.