How A Veteran Reporter Worked With Giuliani’s Pals To Launch Ukraine Conspiracy | Talking Points Memo

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Who’s surprised? It’s approaching the point where news will be a Republican who WASN’T part of the scheme.


“No one knew there was anything wrong with Lev Parnas at the time.”

Does this absolve you from being the dunce who fell for this ruse?


The interview and subsequent columns, conducted and written by a writer for The Hill newspaper, John Solomon, were the starting gun that eventually set off the impeachment inquiry into the president.

Well, in that case, let me be the first to thank John Solomon.

If not for his enterprising spirit, Lord knows how long we’d still have to wait.


John Solomon is an interesting piece of work. A reporter with a conservative bias who never hesitates to run with any unverified claim against any Democrat.


Is “veteran reporter” really the correct description for John Solomon? I mean, I don’t think anyone would ever describe Hannity or any of the Fox & Friends gang as “reporters.”


“I was doing that as an extra layer of protection,” Solomon said. “And so everything — everything — was above board. Everybody knew about it. I was just trying to be careful.”

Yet, he hired diGenova and Toensing…who represents Firtash…the Quid Pro Quo Grenade Giuliani Edition (Lift charges against Firtash in exchange for Biden Dirt)!

Solomon would be a great fit at Faux News!


John Solomon – unwitting tool or co-conspirator? He’s always been such a jerk, at least ever since his days with AP, I wouldn’t mind seeing him marched off to jail.



[Solomon, 52, told ProPublica his reporting was accurate and defended his sourcing, saying, “No one knew there was anything wrong with Lev Parnas at the time.”

“Everybody who approaches me has an angle,” he said. “My mother has an angle when she calls me.”]

So do prison guards when they say, “Morning Count”.


I think that Rudesd Dudes (Parnas and Fruman) are to the Ukraine Shakedown Scandal what Curveball was to the escalation towards the march to war in Iraq.


I dunno, not sure anyone would waste the Star and Stripes on him.

Perhaps some kkklann robes?


The Hill’s reputation will never recover. They are permanently compromised, and seem to have no inclination to retract or put these shenanigans in context.


What kind of childhood must he have had?


Define interesting.

How about this one?



Thought of that as well… :grin:

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More than a year before his Ukraine columns published, The Hill had serious concerns about Solomon’s credibility and conflicts of interest. Hill staffers began raising alarms, including the paper’s publisher at the time, who warned in an internal memo that Solomon was engaged in “reputation killing stuff” by mixing business with journalism.

In response, The Hill’s management took steps to limit Solomon’s reporting — rebranding him as an opinion writer — but did not prevent him from writing his Ukraine series.

The Hill needn’t worry about its reputation. All it needs is a little “rebranding.”


There are certain types of people of low character who blurt out things they believe that most people would say.

And it isn’t that way at all.

A good example is the blonde woman in “Officer and a Gentleman”. She totally ignored the reality of Worley’s desire to get married and said to an astonished and horrified Mayo and Paula that she didn’t want some “Okie from Muskogee”…that she wanted to be the wife of an aviator.

That she wanted to go Overseas…

In both cases they are people trading in emotional language (mother’s love/love of a possible future spouse) and, instead of cloaking it in actual love, rather choose to be “brass tacks” about it.

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Russian intelligence had a far reaching and comprehensive plan to undermine the United States that would last long beyond installing a Skanky Putin Whore and East European Escort and Pornstar in the White House. They have the ability to interfere in our elections, alter vote tallies and change outcomes in many key states. They have infiltrated the FBI, DoJ and the military. Many institutions including extremist christian evangelical churches, conservative think tanks, many conservative web sites and publishers, second amendment groups have been infiltrated as well.

In Europe, Asia and elsewhere they call journalists like John Solomon “presstitutes”.