House Members To Face New Mask Fines, Metal Detectors On The Floor | Talking Points Memo

House members will have to walk through metal detectors before they enter the House chamber, the acting Sergeant at Arms for the House of Representatives announced Tuesday, in an order that highlighted a mask rule on the floor as well.

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They need to lose their ranking, be stripped of committee assignments, and be censured for risking the lives of other members.

Fines won’t hurt most of them much. Punish them with loss of power.


… multiple Democrats have tested positive for COVID-19 — an outbreak they think is related to the refusal by some House Republicans to wear masks while they were in lockdown with their fellow representatives, staff and reporters.

Has any of those House Republicans who refused to wear a mask reported that they tested positive yet? Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that any of them tested positive but is keeping quiet about it or that they’re simply refusing to be tested.


And this metal detector is directed at Rep. Gun Nut (R-CO) just daring her to bring her little pistol to the floor. In a picture of her the other day with Pompus Pompee-o it appeared she had a weapon in her pocket and was posing to highlight said weapon.

I just love me some Nancy putting the screws to these neanderthals!


House Members To Face New Mask Fines, Metal Detectors On The Floor

They really ought to install an asshole detector. You still let the member in, but it would be fun have everyone look and see who triggered the alarm. Kind of like when the shoplifting detector goes off.


There was a Republican member of Congress, Jacob LaTruner from Kansas, who tested positive for COVID right after the insurrection; I don’t know if he is a member of the “infect everyone” cult. He’s onboard with the stolen election nonsense, so it it possible. He wasn’t in the room with the other members on Wednesday, but there six other Republicans in the House who tested positive this month. Not sure if any of them were in the room, but even without that it looks like Republicans have been spreading it among themselves in the House already.

Rep. Boebert is really making a mark on Congress, and not a good one…Pelosi sounds like she’s done playing games with these Republicans who think they can do whatever they want and flout the rules, and she’s aiming it right at the worst of the bunch who were happily inciting the crowd that attacked the Capitol. It’s going to be fun this year watching these asshole Republicans rage over being forced into acting like reasonable human beings.


We know who these selfish members are since there is a video of them refusing to take and wear the offered masks of their Democratic brethren. TPM reported that two days after the attempted coup a member of the house was positive for Covid-19 and had likely expose other Representatives.


Two. And three Dems. Fuck those people with a splintered fuck stick.


They should just be expelled. Screw the fines. Run it through an ethics committee for fact finding purposes. 1 strike and you are out pending the determination of the ethics committee by simple majority. Oh, and that goes for firearms violations as well - walk through the metal detector with a firearm and there will be repercussions (expulsion).


I volunteer! I can yell really loud.


Do you mean two of the Republicans who were shown refusing masks in the safe room? If so, who were they?


Don’t remember, saw the list today.

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That Steve Scalise, that maskless motherfucker, survived the baseball-game shooting, shows there is no Intelligent Design in the universe.


Is the purpose of the metal detectors to bar handguns on the House floor? I wish this story had an explanation.


Presumably. A couple whackjob House members have been publicly musing about how much better things would have been if they’d been packing during the lynch mob invasion.


The ultimate.

Failure to wear a mask is assault, and those who do it should face criminal liability.


Pelosi needs to bring the entire bunch of deniers up for expulsion.

Make them ask for forgiveness in the Well, and after they genuflect, expel them anyway.

Notify the States to find a replacement subject to the House approval. Fuck unity.

Sedition is a crime.


Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced the mask requirement many months ago, some House Republicans have been reluctant to comply with it.

Well, that’s one round of chess they’ve finally lost.

Glad to see the new measures.

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Pretty sure a metal detector requirement screams “I dont trust you Qanon-curious fux”