House GOPers Call Out Colleagues Over Electoral Objections After Capitol Riots | Talking Points Memo

Reps. Nancy Mace (R-SC) and Paul Meijer (R-MI), both of whom voted to impeach President Trump last week for his “incitement of insurrection,” on Sunday expressed their disappointment with their Republican colleagues who voted to challenge the election results hours after the deadly insurrection at the Capitol that left five dead.

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Mace said she found it “enormously disappointing” to witness more than 130 of her House Republican colleagues vote to object

Asked why so few of his Republican colleagues agreed with him on impeachment, Meijer replied that he “can’t speak to what’s in anyone else’s heart” but that he has concerns with those in his party who fed into “politics of deception.”

So … either the question of what happened on January 6 is not dispositive or … one could ask Mace and Meijer why they remain House Republicans when more than 60% of their colleagues behaved and voted the way they did.

But Mace and Meijer are new.

To be fair, a better question might be to ask Liz Cheney what caucus she thinks she’s helping to lead.


They’ll never admit the truth because they’d be confessing to lying.


We do need a sane GOP. Now, we can ask and plead for one…or we can just let the felony raps do the talking.

This is not Bill Barr’s DOJ
This is not Moscow McConnell’s Senate
This is not Donald Trump’s WH
This is not Trump’s FBI


The party of “personal responsibility” is now the party of “zero accountability”.


Feel free to find us a time that it wasn’t.


Republicans in disarray warms my heart. I am looking forward to Wednesday at noon when Biden becomes President Joseph R Biden.


It’s interesting that both Mace and Meijer are freshers.


Mace did NOT vote to impeach. WTF, TPM?


Republicans refuse to do the right thing by their country, claiming to be scared to death of Trump’s base. Meanwhile, this very day, Navalny bravely flies back into the lion’s den, facing certain arrest and probable extrajudicial execution.

Republicans should resign if they’re really that fearful.


It has been said that, Joe being more “dull” (read: grown up) than Trump, people will crave the daily drama that Trump brought to the table.

I wish I could do my best Victor Maitland voice and opine as such that we will have our hands quite full with the shape this country is now in and “If I were the American People, I would be more concerned with getting out of the fix that Trump left the American People in.”


I am so ready for dull but I understand that people are addicted to the craziness. His deplatforming has already made a difference. If dull equals competence, that’s fine with me.


As noted upstream…Mace did not vote for impeachment. She supported censure only, insurrection didn’t warrant a yes vote.

Meijer had guts and he voted his conscience. I have a lot of respect for that. Mace has been all over the news lately promoting herself as a reasonable republican. I am not at all impressed with someone that can’t find the courage to vote for accountablity. Talk is cheap.


It’s Peter Meijer, not Paul.


Are Republicans in a feedback loop? I mean I can understand a Republican voter who only watches Fox, or may dabble in OAN and Newsmax not getting the full picture of what the Hell is going on, but there are Dems, Independents, newbies to voting, that are greeted with a hell of a lot information the Republicans want us to know in MSM. So why haven’t we been convinced, is because we demand proof, want to see the data, here the discussion for or against? I just don’t get how especially now with a lot of us at home, working or not, with access to TV and internet are so convinced that Trump really won? Are they ignoring the record turn out? The pictures of the number of people waiting to vote early, waiting to vote on Election Day? Did they not notice this?
And I don’t think this was all Trump. I think that the Republican party primed and pumped for a charlatan like Trump to come along and take over the gaslighting that had been low level and turn it up to 11.


All true.

But hopefully the time will come when we see Trump’s jail cell.


Here are the 10 Republicans:

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler of Washington

Rep. John Katko of New York

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan

Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington

Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina

Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

Rep. David Valadao of California


I think she assumes her dad’s Republican party still exists (it’s strange to think that could be a good thing); how much of it is left will be more clear after the legal dust settles. If a few of those clowns are prosecuted and convicted, I would expect the majority of the others to claim they were never really trumpers and try to go back to the good old days of tax cuts, deregulation, and moar gunz.

If no republican congresscritters are prosecuted, Cheney is toast.


Post-Sedition Caucus, Party of 3?