House Dem Report: It’s Official, Jim Jordan’s GOP ‘Weaponization’ Panel Is A Sham

Top Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and its subcommittee investigating the so-called “weaponization” of the federal government released a 316-page report on Thursday — first reported by the New York Times — skewering House Republicans and casting doubt on the three GOP “whistleblowers” who have testified in front of the committee.

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{Smug facial expression followed by: “Anyone could have predicted it!!”}
{Some sort of cat image and a “first” exclamation}


“When Committee Democrats asked O’Boyle about this financial connection, Binnall appeared to surprise his client with an announcement that he was now representing O’Boyle pro bono,” according to the report.

Felafel alert! There’s that guy, again. Attorney gets around.


None of these characters have done a single day of honest work in their lives. Their mothers must be so proud of them.


So is it actual pro bono, or is someone else footing the bill, and if so, who. (And of course, it’s also the opposite of real pro bono, which benefits everyone.)


Me being shocked…


damned if I know. I had never heard of a joint defense agreement until the manafort prosecution.


I thought Kash Patel went to prison!

(I crack myself up sometimes)


the first three witnesses to testify privately before the new Republican-led House committee investigating the “weaponization” of the federal government have offered little firsthand knowledge of any wrongdoing or violation of the law, according to Democrats on the panel who have listened to their accounts. Instead, the trio appears to be a group of aggrieved former F.B.I. officials who have trafficked in right-wing conspiracy theories, including about the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol, and received financial support from a top ally of former President Donald J. Trump.


This reminds of that James Taylor song “You’ve got a friend”.

When I think of the damage J. Edgar Hoover inflicted upon our nation, and the crap that Comey and now Wray have likewise burdened us with. I gotta laugh. They are eating their own. And they deserve it!


Figured as much.

Theatrics belong in Drama Class.


Rather reliably, the GOP response to being called-out for their BS will be “Hey, Look Over There! Another Shiny Object!

That said, it is really good to see the DEMs are being aggressive in getting ahead of the GOP BS stream for once, and showing it up for what it is. Let’s hope that this breaks their long standing passive habit, and they keep that up.


Projection. Jordan’s hearing is projection of Barr and Trump’s DOJ on Democrats. It was predictable.


You may have seen the reporting on MSNBC about how reluctant the FBI was to go into Mar a Lago and retrieve docs, theories being they liked the moron, they were republicans, or even just apathetic and lazy.

Months of disputes between Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents over how best to try to recover classified documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and residence led to a tense showdown near the end of July last year, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

Prosecutors argued that new evidence suggested Trump was knowingly concealing secret documents at his Palm Beach, Fla., home and urged the FBI to conduct a surprise raid at the property. But two senior FBI officials who would be in charge of leading the search resisted the plan as too combative and proposed instead to seek Trump’s permission to search his property, according to the four people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a sensitive investigation.


Even though the Dems lost control of the House, they do have a lot of new blood and more and more Representatives are of an age where they grew up watching the genteel Dems of yore get snookered again and again by bullshit from their GOP “colleagues,” in the name of comity. So this next generation is less tolerant of the nonsense and more willing to plant their flag and stand up to it.


The “not ready for prime time players”.


Is Binnall the clown first attached to Cassidy Hutchinson.

ETA. That was a clown named Passantino.

ETA2. I see @occamscoin beat me to the correction. Thanks.

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You could say the same about the six Justices who are in a position to decline forgiving student debt. The rich guys who helped put them there must also be so proud.


No, that guy had an italian name. Passantino. Binnall surfaced with Michael Flynn, repping the president in his second impeachment trial, then in one of his jan 6th committee documents suits.

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I believe the narrowness of the GOP majority helps us as well, along with (1) narrowness of some of the GOP winning margins and (2) plethora of Biden-friendly collections of voters.

But the real advantage the House Dems have is the GOP KongressKrittersKrazyKaukus :crazy_face: