Hitting the Weak Points: What To Expect from Trump’s Defense

NEW YORK — At close of court on Monday, Trump attorney Todd Blanche made one last attempt to have the case against Trump dismissed.

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Who are you going to believe? Me or the mountain of evidence?


C’mon, indeed.


Trump fouls everything, including our belief that justice can be done. He depends upon our despair. And yet, we persist.


With regard to point 1, don’t forget the photo showing Trump with his bodyguard at the time of the call. That picture is worth a thousand words.


It’s striking how Trump’s defense–he’s just like everybody else, and vice versa–clashes so strongly with his brand, and even more his cult image: Trump has more money, attention, women than anyone; no, Trump is Jesus/Rambo/Napoleon. I wonder if he chafed against that.

In any case, what they’re really doing isn’t normalizing Trump. They’re befouling everyone else. Forcing yourself on porn stars, cheating on your wife, lying up down and sideways, paying people off to deny your shitty behavior–everyone’s like that. Since Trump and all his lackeys give him the Jesus/Rambo treatment, they might not quite realize how offensive it actually is to normal people to call Trump’s actual conduct normal. I hope the jurors feel that.


This is such a clear example of kettle logic. “I didn’t do it” and also “of course I did it but it was fine”.


We might not get convictions on all charges.

And each of the 34 verdicts will be read one by one, in order

The first 10 are charges where Trump didn’t sign the checks. So, it is possible that the first ten things we hear at the verdict are, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, before we hear the first “GUILTY.”

That’s when Trump jumps up and screams "STOP THE COUNT!!! STOP THE COUNTING1!!!"


Thanks for “kettle logic.” Had never heard it.


Yep pandering at its best
Trump Promises To Free Ross Ulbricht, Yet He Wants To Execute Drug Dealers (reason.com)
“We’re going to be asking everyone who sells drugs, gets caught selling drugs,” former President Donald Trump said in November 2022 as he launched his 2024 presidential campaign, “to receive the death penalty for their heinous acts.”

That promise was not an offhand remark; it has been core to Trump’s platform. Which made one of his comments yesterday at

the Libertarian National Convention all the more interesting. “I will commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht,” he said, referring to the man serving two life sentences plus 40 years for a slew of convictions, including distributing narcotics. Ulbricht’s legal troubles stem from an online marketplace he founded and operated called the Silk Road, where users could buy and sell illegal substances.


He depends on the despair and generating extreme doubt in understanding what we are seeing.He wants the jurors to not question him, but themselves. It is all part of the gaslighting machine that he depends on to carry him through in everything in his life.



Blanche’s statement as to how ‘we’re all New Yorkers’ should be an indication that the jury would in fact find him guilty. As someone stated elsewhere, the 40 - 50 year history of TIFBG is well-known to the city dwellers and less so outside the five boroughs.

While that won’t be a controlling factor for the jury, it could be a minor influence to finally shut this %^&*&@( down for the first time in decades.


Compared to No fanfare just volunteering to put flags out


I’m sure the bellyaching about Biden not yet being visible observing Memorial Day will begin if he isn’t out there by now (noon, eastern, at this writing).


Already done

Biden to mark Memorial Day with speech at Arlington National Cemetery (msn.com)
President Joe Biden on Monday is set to commemorate Memorial Day during remarks at Arlington National Cemetery, marking a solemn occasion that is personal for the commander in chief.

Before giving his annual Memorial Day Address, Biden participated in a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The president will be joined for his remarks by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who are also set to speak Monday.

The president on Monday morning also hosted a breakfast in honor of Memorial Day with administration officials, military leadership, veterans and Gold Star family members.



No one is ever going to convince me that a majority of US armed forces personnel support this man. He desecrates everything, and they know it.


Nobody will be surprised that his Memorial Day message is an extended whine about how he’s being mistreated. He’s incapable of a normal boilerplate thanks to our military, it has to be about him, always.

It’s fascinating to me that he spent more time on the Carroll defamation trials than on anything else. Those judgements are in the rear view mirror, not the more serious ones he’s facing. That woman has really gotten under his skin. He can’t let it go.


That’s Trump’s lawyer in the middle.


But… but… Biden will take away their guns!

There are many reasons why members of the military will vote for him, even knowing who and what he is, because at least he’s not a Democrat. Tribal politics rules the day for many voters.

There is also a religious angle for some, like in the notoriously Christo-Fascist Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It wasn’t always like that. A cousin of mine graduated from there and became a career Air Force surgeon without being a religious asshole, but that was in pre-Reagan days. I think that’s where it started.