Hawley Shamelessly Accuses Dems Of Trying To ‘Silence Dissent’ After His Anti-Democratic Gambit | Talking Points Memo

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (MO) issued a statement late Thursday accusing Democrats of trying to “silence dissent” after Senate Democrats filed an ethics complaint against Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after they objected to Electoral Votes from two battleground states won by President Biden on Jan. 6 that coincided with the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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Shamelessly? That’s funny.


Hawley and his band of cretins in the Republican Party are able to make outrageous accusations against Dems because Dems are saying nothing and doing nothing again. There is a void where there should be a Democratic foghorn. Dems should be demanding Rs to accept the election results, renounce their votes to overturn the election, announcing that unity is paramount and that Rs are still dedicated to dividing the country and undermining democracy, getting ready to scrap the filibuster and move on with a ‘unity package’ of legislation. If you are proactive and aggressive, you strengthen your position at the expense of the other guy. The GOP is wobbling on its feet. Knock it out.


Hawley: Proof positive that an advanced education and severe stupidity can coexist in the same person.


Well Hawley, it’s probably best you just shut the hell up. People known you lead by telling HUGE and DANGEROUS LIES! People died on Jan 6, in your liddle plot!


Among Hawley, Cruz or Cotton, who shows up on the senate floor first with an orange spray-on tan and a blonde squirrels nest on his head?


You bet you silly little fascist. You bet AGAINST the United States of America and you were caught. We’ will not forget.


The surprising comments about silencing dissent comes after Hawley made a deliberate effort during the Jan. 6 session to silence scores of Pennsylvania and Arizona voters who cast their ballots for President Biden in last year’s presidential election when he objected to Electoral College votes from both states.

Pennsylvania - Biden: 3,459,923
Arizona - Biden: 1,672,143

If by ‘voters’ you mean ‘electors’ I guess I get it.


I certainly hope that Senate leadership kicks this punk’s ass up between his narrow tailored shoulders.


We should not be giving the GOP and opportunists like Hawley time to regain their feet. We should attacking them on all fronts and holding them accountable for their actions and the actions they inspired in others.

This is the whole reason McConnell if fighting a delaying tactic now; to allow them to re-group.


Despite being a pragmatic moderate, I think these seditionists in congress need to be nailed to the f***ing wall for their actions. Unity is all well and good but it is a two way street and as of now I only see one side willing to go down that street.


Yelling “Rigged election!” without the slightest evidence of such is the same as shouting “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater. Hawley and Cruz both sound worried about what the investigation will reveal.


I am shamelessly against White Nationalist violence.

So obviously I am against Hawley’s idea of dissent; and yes I believe if we stopped that violence it would be a good thing.


Hawley shamelessly …

You might want to keep this phrase handy in a note somewhere for quick cutting and pasting. You also might consider:

Hawley lies about …


Hawley shamelessly lies about …

Just a tip.


We’re still in investigation mode here. If they had nothing on him he wouldn’t be bawling.

Get out, you seditionist wee crap.


Wonderful comment. Totally agree. Do not assume that the Republican Party is monolithic, but realize they hunt in packs.

As for “moderate” Republicans, they will need to earn respect as their silence is nothing but complicity. Show us with your votes and actions, not words. And show the US public again, and again, and again that you are willing to recognize your party LOST the election and control of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. You will not get respect by just making stupid claims.

And you should also recognize what former Senate Majority Leader McConnell did to get around the rules of the Senate. Not only think about it, but say it out loud. Then show through actions that you can be trusted and deserve a voice at the table. If not, just shut up. This is a serious time and we need serious people in charge.


“Joe Biden and the Democrats talk about unity but are brazenly trying to silence dissent,” ,

Gosh, Josh, I think Biden’s and the Democrats’ efforts are more likely to encourage vigorous conversation.


Um, hawley’s little temper tantrum was in response to a very aggressive action by Senate Dems. We are not sitting idly by in the first two days of Joe Biden’s national cleanup in the sedition aisle.


I appreciate the point of the article, but I don’t think the term “scores of voters” does justice to the 10+ million voters they sought to disenfranchise. That would be at least 500,000 scores.

Also, Sedish’ Hawley’s whine about “cancelling Missourians” is incredibly rich given his goal was to cancel the votes of those 10+ million voters in other states. But I guess “cancel culture” IOKIYAR.


DC statehood can’t come soon enough.