Haley Says Tillerson And Kelly Tried To Convince Her To Secretly Work Around Trump

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley claims that ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and ex-White House Chief of Staff John Kelly secretly subverted President Donald Trump–and tried to convince her to do the same.

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I’m guessing she’s projecting…


And now for something completely different: jackal-on-jackal infighting.


History will be on Tillerson’s side, not Haley’s, especially if this is true. To suggest they should have talked to Trump is nonserious, at best.


It doesn’t matter, Nikki. Trump doesn’t listen to women. You can say how much you think he’s a big, strong, fabulous man and he might make a pass at you, but he isn’t going to let you be his sidekick because he’d be afraid you’d get more attention than he would. Also, he has a harder time coming up with demeaning nicknames for women that won’t make some of his base cringe.


Odds are if she was subverting their efforts to protect the Republic, she caused at least one person to die. Khashoggi?


Wow! What an admission. Haley chose the illegitimate prresident, traitor and admitted fraud. And brags about it.

On the other hand, it is refreshing that Tillerson and Kelly tried to sve the country, albeit tepid not so heroic attempts.


What is wrong with South Carolina??? (Don’t answer. It was a rhetorical question.) Is Haley working from the Lindsay Graham playbook? She is an obsequious, self-serving piece of sh*t, showing the true colors that got her into this maladministration in the first place.


I’m guessing what she’s saying is in service to the book she’s promoting With All Due Respect and wouldn’t have said anything if not for that.


This suggests there’s no honor among thieves. Kelly has already responded, and I expect Rex will soon respond also. Haley may have accidentally kickstarted a circular firing squad. Let’s hope so.


"…it goes against the Constitution, and it goes against what the American people want.”

Actually, no. The constitution does not mandate unswerving loyalty from appointed cabinet members, and the American people want a government policy that does not threaten their well being.

I fear that when we reach our American Nuremberg moment (if we ever do), it will be peopled with folks like this, who were dutifully “following orders”.


I haven’t seen this much jackal-on-jackal since Stephen Miller stopped spending Date Night at the Washington Zoo.


I wonder whether anyone asked Haley whether the controversial claims made by Michael Wolff in his book about her relationship with the Preshitident Skanky Putin Whore were true or not? That would be important to assess her sources of bias and conflicts of interest.


Is she delusional enough to think this makes her look good? Kelly is a racist and sexist and Tillerson a money-grubbing fossil oil fiuel ceo who did real damage to the State Department, but she makes them look better by this. They at least had the sense to understand what was going on and how important it was for the country to neutralize it. She’s just outed herself as a full-on Trumper.

And, as with the two Nationals’ players who did campaign shilling for Trump during the White House World Series ceremony, she’s picking a really bad time to jump on the Trump train for all to see.


When the man who fills the office of the president is an ass, and you must choose to uphold either the dignity of the office, or the dignity of the ass…

It seems that many in the GOP are making the choice of ass over office.


It’s going to be quite the sight watching her demagogue against immigrants in 2024, without a hint of irony.

But if Steven Miller can do it, why not I guess.


Shorter Darling Nikki: This whore can’t be bought.


Vipers. Every last one of them.

Best people ever, for being, well, you know. Fucking vipers.


Apparently, Nikki Haley is a fucking idiot, too.

But, to her credit, she knows which audience she needs to appeal to in order to make some book sales and have any future in right-wing circles … which is the only future I guess she sees for herself.


But to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing,” she added. “And it goes against the Constitution, and it goes against what the American people want.”

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