GOP GA Rep Denies That Party’s Anti-Democracy Rhetoric Discourages Voters | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) on Tuesday denied that GOP efforts to delegitimize the election process will discourage voter turnout as his home state of Georgia holds runoff elections that will determine the balance of the Senate.

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I guess the proof of that pudding will be more than available when we see the final vote count and compare it to the total GA senatorial vote count from November.

If all four November candidates have gotten more votes than the two runoff candidates, then the rhetoric definitely had a role.

But we won’t know immediately, will we?


To Trump and his co - conspirators any win by the Dems will prove the November vote was rigged


Who plays golf on the west coast of Scotland during mid-winter? This isn’t about golf.


Whoa! Talk about a twist on reality. Once again, I’m in awe of how nut bars have unusual selective memories and can broadcast them with the aid of American media. I’m not sure this is going to end with the demise of Rump.


I am really glad that we have this pre-2022 test of whether the MAGA cult will bother to turn out for an election that does not have their orange god on the ballot. Considering how bored his rally crowd was with anything he had to say about the runoff election, I am cautiously optimistic that a bunch of Trump’s voters will just not bother with anyone else.


On the other hand, a win by Loeffler or Perdue will prove the November vote was rigged against Trump. A conspiracy theory for either result.


No, it’s just a stop on the way to somewhere that has no extradition treaty.


“No, I think it’s just the opposite,” Hice said. “What I’m saying is: what keeps people home is a candidate who will not stand for the freedom of their vote to count.”

pre runoff


“I think the lack of willingness both from individuals within our state and otherwise to take a stand for free and fair elections — that has been the cause that has caused many people to say they want to stay home,” Hice said,

I’d think that, when everything means the exact opposite of what you say, folks who haven’t mastered the double think yet can be excused for not understanding, being confused and acting unpredictably.


Hice then praised Loeffler for supposedly earning “enormous” applause during a rally in Dalton, Georgia the night before.

“If Loeffler loses to Warnock, then we’re going to open an investigation into election fraud, because she got way more applause during President Trump’s rally than Warnock got during Biden’s rally.”


Shouldn’t there be something, something about US citizens quarantining for X amount of days after flying out of the US?

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Yep, bothsiderism.

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“So look, it’s a critical vote,” Hice said. “A lot of people have opinions, one way or the other, but we have a constitutional duty to defend the right of the people to express their opinions in the voting booth.”

And then we have the obligation to deny them that right if we don’t like the results.


What a moron!


I thought I read that something like 100,000 new voters have been registered in GA since the November 3 election. A large percentage of them are either Black or under 35. So It’s possible that both Democrats could get more votes than all Democrats did in either Run-off.

(crossing fingers…)


Holy sht. Does this fool think ‘his’ voters are as STUPID as he thinks they are? That he and his fellow aholes can just lie with impunity and there are no consequences? REALLY?


When they were handing out portions of dumbass, Jody Hice stood in line several times.


I bet he goes anyway, so he can make a big media show as to how the big bad Scotswoman is interfering with his leisure time, or some such nonsense.

I hope they put the whole thing on video, including him sitting on the tarmac after the US military transport (having no further legal obligation) departs for the States.