Gaetz To Yell His Way Through Scandal By Kicking Up Dirt Within GOP Amid Sex Trafficking Probe

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) plans to burst back onto the scene with guns blazing through a public crusade to take down “RINOs” (“Republicans In Name Only”), along with Democrats, as the feds investigate him for alleged sex trafficking.

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Gaetz To Yell His Way Through Scandal By Kicking Up Dirt Within GOP

In other words, the best defense is a good offense, and his offensive strategy is to continue being a shit-hurling baboon and keep flinging it on everyone around him, even those who are no longer willing to listen.

Sounds like the strategy of a pathetic loud-mouthed loser to me.



  1. That is a headline for the ages. 2. These people are so sick. 3. I am sick and tired of having to share the country with them.

I love everything about this plan and I’m excited to be a part of it.


Stupid fucker needs to realize he’s been nabbed. No amount of screaming and hollering will do any good now.

Maybe he can share a cell with Josh Duggar.


I’m old enough to remember when people thought "child molester " was a bigger insult than “RINO”.


Matt Gaetz, President, “Hissy Fits ‘R’ Us,” a wholly owned subsidiary of The Trump Organization.


Speaking at a retirement community in the midst of a child sex ring investigation? Yes, cause no one in the road is going to think about their own granddaughters. What could go wrong?


So MTG is going to publicly tie herself to a pedophile in a national tour? What should they call it?

  1. BOGO!
  2. Trump Is a Rapist! You Love Trump! It’s All Good!
  3. Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombshell Reports of Matt Gaetz’s Pedophilia!

I’m Matt Gaetz

I’m Matt Gaetz! I’m Matt Gaetz!
Blondes and redheads and brunettes –
Take a look at these nude photos, the full-fronts and silhouettes!
The girl du jour
So impure
And of course not too mature
Look at this one – wish your wishes –
I can tell you she’s delicious!
They’ll do this, they’ll do that
In a garter or a hat
I guarantee that you’ll have no regrets!
If you like them younger
I can serve your hunger
I’m Matt Gaetz,
Yeah, Matt Gaetz,
I’m Matt Gaetz.
Black or white,
Asian, too,
Tall or short or in-betweenI’ve got photos of the totos
Of each hot and spicy teen.
We’re alone, don’t be scared
Or even I would not have dared
They’re so perky that they twinkle
Not a sag or bag or wrinkle
Here’s an eight! Here’s a nine
Oh, and this one’s mighty fine
And I see you can imagine
Any one of them as pets!
Just take a look with me
And I can guarantee
No regrets oh, yes, lets, with no feministic frets!
I’m Matt Gaetz,
Yeah, Matt Gaetz,
I’m Matt Gaetz.
Their youth can be unnerving
But we’re ogling and perving
It takes forbidden fruit to turn us on;
Ah, those good old days when we were youthful
Then suddenly those good old days are gone.
Now I am here and showing
Hot chicks to-ing, hot chicks fro-ing
Appealing to your very male-est gaze.
You used to undress interns with your eyes
You were flabby, fat, and lazy
Now I’m here and I am crazy
I’m Matt Gaetz! I’m Matt Gaetz!
I am here to light your jets
Take a look at pics I took of these under-age coquettes!
This one coils and that one roils
Slick with lubricants and oils
Look at wow, an’ look at her an’
Tell me which one you’re preferrin’!
Some depraved, some are pure,
Acting slutty or demure,
And this one’s even sporting epaulettes!
I’ll make you say 'Encore!"
And you’ll come back for more
'Cause I’m Gaetz
Matthew Gaetz
I’m Matt Gaetz
I’m Matt Gaetz. I’m Matt Gaetz.
No one sees me and forgets.
I’ve got pics, you’ve got dicks,
Oh! I’ve caught you, now I’ve got you
Standing up like French baguettes.
With your breath coming fast
How your wife would be aghast
Here’s a pose for all the ages
I should really charge you wages
Shape by shape, curve by curve,
You’re becoming quite a perv –
Their gleaming skins a mix of oils and sweats –
Tonight you’ll give your yanks
And then you’ll give your thanks
To Matt Gaetz
To Matt Gaetz
To Matt Gaetz
Yes, Matt Gaetz!

  • H/T to the metered voice of Marcus Bales

I hope it comes to a town near me. And by “ near,” I mean 500 miles.


And I am old enough to remember when the Republican Party was still the party of Lincoln (1964) and not child molesters.


Keep it going Matty. Keep drawing attention to yourself and rethug hypocrisy.


According to Politico, Gaetz is teaming up with far-right extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to launch an “America First Tour,” where they’ll rail against “the radical left”

Only surprise about this is why isn’t Guliani tagging along? And the kraken lady with the other crazy lawyer. Is it really time for a reunion tour already? Even as we’re still sorting through the insurrection they helped launch.


I think they should call it “we still hate Blacks, gays, and immigrants”.


Gaetz promised to only play offence but this bit from Michael Cohen’s CNN interview at about 6 minutes in describes the game being played much better.


I really hope this ends in a Greene-Gaetz love child embodying the best traits of its parents – basically a potato with a pomade addiction.


Gaetz looks around and sees how Epstein got let off the hook, how Republicans win office often BECAUSE of things that used to be Black Marks, how Rs win office by how many notches they have on their belts for making Libs puke, some Rs still run for office from Jail, whole slews of them walked on Federal and International crimes in the last 4 years, his own party hasn’t told him to go away, and huge amounts of money might pour in to fund his lawyers…and thinks…Why Not?


“It is forbidden to sleep with minors; therefore all pedophiles are punished unless they screw in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

Apologies to Voltaire.