France Closes Border With UK As New COVID Strain Spreads In England | Talking Points Memo

LONDON (AP) — Trucks waiting to get in and out of Britain backed up for miles and people were stranded at airports Monday as many countries imposed stringent travel restrictions over concerns about a new strain of the coronavirus that is spreading in southeast England.

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I look forward to hearing about the prudent and rational response our own government has to this new threat. Maybe talk some more smack about China, that always seems to help. :roll_eyes:


Smack about China? This new strain, i think, has GB written all over it. This one’s a sport of the original, as those Brits would say. Better smack down the red coats. But, while we’re at it, i have to say that i do feel infinitely better about Biden leading the response to this new strain than i do about anything coming from the Dotard. If history is any indication, he’s already calling for the epidemiological low-down on this strain to know if it’s subject to the new vaccine, or if this sport is so mutated that it’s able to avoid any immunization. We’ll see, i suppose.

Yet one more blessed fucking thing to look forward to as we close out this blessed fucking year from hell.


We know these things mutate, so it’s no surprise. If Biden were prez he’d ask the bigwigs at CDC what they recommended and facilitate whatever made the most sense. Pretty much like it always was. I look forward to that the way I would to a lovely vacation.


Dare I say the border closings are probably a tad too late and with a rapid spreader strain, most definitely too late. Here we go, the roller coaster that never stops.
Ed. 10,000 trucks travel between England/France daily, not weekly, but daily.


Interesting to see if the chaos at Dove/Calais has any impact on Brexit negotiations. Just like here, there were many in UK who can’t help themselves, painting a rosy picture of a no-deal Brexit - like our rosy vaccine projections.


Funny how BoJo is actually responding to the rapidly expanding crisis.

Not funny how Fat Nixon isn’t.


I understand that military scientists are testing to see if the present vaccine is effective on this new strain of C19. At the moment there is no suggestion it doesn’t.


Not exactly responding rather more like finally reacting. The strain was first discovered in September. Boris is probably shitting himself for not acting quicker.


That’s Brexit in a nutshell. Only Santa is pissing on himself.


Once the gov’t says “there shouldn’t be panic buying”, panic buying will commence. Sure as shit, expect London supermarkets to be picked clean by Xmas Eve…


Also, as with influenza, current COVID vaccines can be quite easily modified to cover the kinds of mutations we are seeing.

(Not a reason to be dismissive.)


Hmm, maybe I’m being cynical, but I think this is suspiciously convenient for the UK government.

The government foolishly promised, weeks ago, that for several days over Christmas, family isolation would be relaxed so that extended families etc. could have Christmas dinner together and such. Reasonable people objected - the virus isn’t calling a Christmas truce, it will be catastrophic to allow families to meet together indoors just because it is Christmas. Then the surge in cases came, the government were looking for a justification to cancel the Christmas relaxation.

So they decided to talk up this new, virulent, extra-infectious variant.

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So you’re saying there is a disease that kills Republicans, and a particularly deadly variant of that disease kills the English?

Don’t know how I feel.


Wait. You feel better that Trump is NOT leading the USA? I suppose… Just keep in mind that that means we have no one at the wheel, because Johnson sure as fuck is not basing his decisions on what is best for the USA. There has been a complete vacuum of leadership at the federal level for months now. We are leaderless, and we are finding out what that means in the middle of a crisis. I am not happy with that. Not one bit.


So long as prudent people have a few tins in the larder, no problem. Spam fritters for Christmas dinner, a tin of Heinz spotted dick for pudding.


If it’s more easily spread, it probably already has.


That is particularly the case with the RNA vaccines. They could have new ones very quickly, the main issue would be if they need to go through the same testing procedures as the current one that has been approved.


The new mutation in England is not (yet?) known to be particularly deadly. It is thought to be more infectious, but even this is not yet actually known.