For The Women Who Accused The Trump Campaign Of Harassment, It’s Been More Harassment

This article was originally published at ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom.

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From the article:

Last year, a federal judge freed 422 employees of the 2016 campaign from confidentiality agreements in a class-action lawsuit brought by Denson, a major crack in the campaign’s strategy.

In a statement, Cheung, the spokesperson for Trump’s 2024 campaign, called Johnson’s account “an absurd and fake story that has previously been debunked and contradicted by multiple, highly credible eyewitness accounts.”

Imagine this, Trump had his goons put life long gag orders on all staff workers of his campaigns, and all of his employees, and then they told the press and anyone who would listen with using the exact same tactics (and even words) he blames others in the law, like Judge Merchan, have done to him, right down to the “multiple, highly credible eyewitness accounts” he has received on all of them.

Maybe what’s good for the goose is now good for the gander? Trump is a very sick, hateful, and incredibly thin-skinned ass. Imagine how many tens of thousands of people, including his family and wives, he has forced to sign NDAs, virtually the same thing as issuing a permanent gag order with the penalty of lifetime harassment, litigation, and extortion.


Follow the money and huge amounts are being spent to silence his detractors, and much more is going to his benefactors. Most of it is not his money.


On one hand this has bits of the face-eating-leopards paradigm sprinkled through it; so my sympathy is tempered by that (and sleeping with Jason Miller? eeeewwwwww).

On the other hand, DFG and his lackeys/henchmen/cronies/whatever are a bunch of lampreys at best, and should be (figuratively!) ground up and fed to the fish at a tilapia farm.


I remember thinking lawyers (for the most part and being officers of the court) were mostly good guys. That view slowly changed through the years as I watched Nixon’s thugs do their shit and then the ones that signed on with Raygunz, Bush I and Bush II.

The ones that The Orange Turd has attracted have just about confirmed to me that deep down in their hearts, they’re all evil and just looking for the opportunity to do bad shit and take cases that a decent one would never come within a hundred yards.

With a few exceptions.


More from Thugocracy, Inc.


I’m sorry, but I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for these women. First, they took jobs with the Trump campaign, which doesn’t seem real smart on their part; and second, unless they had existed in another world, this is Trump’s well known MO for any legal action against him or his, and they should have expected it, and been warned by their attorneys. Sad, but life’s a bitch and then you die.


I would bet on ‘none of it’, rather than ‘most of it’. He doesn’t spend anything he doesn’t absolutely have to and then finds a way to get around anything he absolutely has to.


I could forgive them in ignorance, but this is mostly stupidity. They knew what they were getting into and probably assumed they could avoid the worst.

That didn’t go so good for them.

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If Trump wins again he will cloak the entire country with a NDA. And the Reich NDA terms will probably be more severe.

All the best people ya know.


A theory should be as simple as possible but no simpler. That’s why I hesitate to write her off as just another fucking idiot. I mean, it’s completely obvious since at least 2008, when he started lying about President Obama’’s birth certificate, that the Rump and his whole sad sack, transactional orbit of grifters and wannabes in the Republican Party stand for privilege. Not freedom. People exist to be used or destroyed.

It might be worth exploring how “someone who cared deeply about human rights, First Amendment, individual liberty” could’ve ever possibly been led, been allowed or somehow convinced herself to believe she “was working on a campaign that supported those values,”


A (wo)man hears what s/he wants to hear and disregards the rest.


" All I wanted was to hurt poors, scapegoat others and indulge in hate-filled rhetoric, but then the mean-spirited boor I supported turned out to be a mean-spirited boor!"

I’m trying to feel sorry for them - but they knew what he was, and decided to let spite rule their judgement.


I don’t agree and this is missing the point of the post. It’s too easy to dismiss people, and that’s how Trump and Co get away with what they get away with so easily. Have a change of heart and see his true colors? You might as well stay quiet and out of sight because you will have a million NDAs, stalkers, hecklers, and pro-Trump protesters at your door to do their all to do you in and make you go away. People will very easily disbelieve you and think you had it coming.


“Draining the swamp” means getting rid of anybody or anything that doesn’t do what you want them to do.


Why on earth anyone would work for this miscreant is beyond me. Having said that, they are learning that he was Roy Cohn’s greatest student. I can only hope for his immediate demise.


First they came for the women

. . .


It’s hell for the women. I think about what so many more women in proximity to that campaign, millions of women, face in their own homes in the pressure-cooker months until November.


I cannot agree with the several commenters who withhold their support for these women or have no sympathy for them simply because they worked in the 2016 Trump campaign (and, at least in some cases, before the Access Hollywood tape came out). Saying they should have known what they were getting into is to fail to remember how horribly the press covered that campaign (e.g., “But her emails” from the NYT, which gave little to no attention to Trump’s actual business record or history of litigating people into submission) and that many Republicans’ (and others’) believed that Trump, in office, would moderate and “grow in the office.” More important, if we really believe in women’s rights and, the women among us, in solidarity with other women, these women deserve our full-throated support in their legal battle with Trump and the Trump campaign and even our sympathy in what they have been put through.


The campaign was no different than his business. Both were run in the same way. No difference.

His business dealings were legendary in the level of discord and failure.

I accept the difference of your opinion.