Flag-Flying Alito Busted Again … Via Google Street View

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Alito should resign. Thomas too. Won’t happen, of course.

Next best thing is for Congress to finally rein in SCOTUS with some actual, enforceable ethics rules. Won’t happen, of course.

It’s well past time to extend the court to 13 while Dems control the Senate, preferably with limited terms of 10 years or so. Won’t happen, of course.


It is preposterous. Sammy Alito does not share his wife Martha Ann’s hatred for America and her enthusiasm for the violent January 6 coup to assassinate the Vice President and Speaker. Martha Ann is a wonderful christian wife and white nationalist who loves to fly flags. Sammy should resign to spend more time with his sick wife and be with his family.


Yes he is a nut case, but so are the Members of the GOP and their voters.


when you’re a Supreme Court Justice, you’re supposed to avoid giving off even a whiff of partisan bias

ONLY if you were appointed by a Democrat. Republican appointees can do no wrong.

John Roberts… WORST Chief Justice ever.


So Alito flew a different flag of treachery at his beach house.

He’s a cultist. Like Thomas.

So much for court credibility.


Let Me Say That Again: Google Effing Street View!

Why did it take so offing long for this to come out? Where was the media?


Baby steps.

The first steps are ours to take: We must un-elect Republicans up and down the ballot. School Boards, City Councils, County offices, State Legislatures, Senate, House, and, of course, the Presidency. Once we hold 67 or 68 seats in the Senate, we can build in some protections for our democracy, and our liberties. No one else is going to save us; we have to do it ourselves.



McGovern: I was admonished for stating that the former president is on trial in a court of law. It’s the truth. Is it unparliamentary to state a fact?


Hey Kansas, those questions are none of your f’ing business.
Ah, republicans, the party of small government.


I think Alito has reached the point of public disfavor now that we no longer have to restrict our requests for his recusal from certain cases involving his Leader. It’s all quite clear that he is incapable of rendering impartial judgment, full stop. Since this is now the case, our requests need to demand his resignation, non-stop!


I ended up calling one of my senators yesterday (not to brag, but I do happen to have two). I asked Dick Durbin’s office what it would take for him to call on Alito to resign; perhaps shooting someone on Fifth Avenue?

It’s not enough to call on Alito to recuse himself - they need to demand a resignation. The odds of that happening are astronomically small—akin to Clarence Thomas acknowledging that billionaires are only his friends because of his position as a Supreme Court Justice.

That said, the point is, as Kate Riga always points out, is to get caught trying. Let republicans defend this treasonous and non-judicial behavior. Ask them if they’d object if Alito flew a swastika-adorned flag.


Regarding Nikki Haley. Would you expect otherwise from someone who is still confused about the confederacy and the lost cause.
Say Trump selects her as VP, which I highly doubt, Kamala would go into her prosecutor role and eviscerate her in a debate.


Busy making blooper rolls of Biden stuttering or falling.

I mean, flags? Boring! Making fun of Joe? Clicks galore!


to emulate a famous phrase, ‘If the flag flew, you must recuse’


McGovern: I was admonished for stating that the former president is on trial in a court of law. It’s the truth. Is it unparliamentary to state a fact?

The result of the admonishment was that McGovern was barred from speaking on the House floor for the rest of the day.

These people are insane. The person reading the ruling (presumably the House parliamentarian) spoke haltingly and stumbled over the words, like he was reading a script with a gun to his head.


Alito has a history of self-righteousness v. his duty to be impartial:



Lots of people rent out their beach houses, some people are saying the Street View car snapped that pic when Hunter had rented the place for a cocaine-fueled orgy.

Okay, one person.

Okay, me.


He probably had to omit the last sentence which was “Thou shalt not speak ill of our Lord and Savior and next president. Amen.”


What is it that Charlie Pierce says? “This is your democracy, America. Cherish it.”