Fauci Says He Was ‘Absolutely Not’ Surprised When Trump Got Infected With COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the White House’s most prominent COVID-19 experts, said on Sunday that President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis wasn’t a surprise given how often the President openly disregards the dangers of holding large gatherings, such as his campaign rallies, and not wearing masks.

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This seems strange since they endorsed Clinton, and they didn’t know Trump was as big an idiot and would be such a shitty president as they now do.


I can’t imagine having all of my degrees and professional achievements shat on by a president and his administration.


Joe really needs to give Fauci some kind of medal. At the very least, a medal for combatting Trump’s sick fuckery.


too funny

Turns out Twitter isn’t so bad when you read tweets that aren’t from President Trump.


He was only surprised that Trump survived


However, Fauci also asserted that Trump does believe in science “deep down.”

“If he didn’t, he would not have entrusted his health to the very competent physicians at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center,” Fauci told LaPook, arguing that the President falsely casting doubt on health experts’ sobering assessments of the pandemic is more a “statement of strength” than actually being anti-science.

Asked if Trump downplaying the importance of wearing masks makes sense, the doctor replied, “Of course not.”

Fauci reveals again what becomes obvious after observing for awhile; Benadick Donnie is much less ignorant than one might guess based on his public statements.

And that leaves the question open, why are so many of his public statements so detached from any facts?

My take, all statements are branding and spin, right down to the ignorance. And that is just being a Republican.


It’s all Trump has. Shitting on everyone else’s achievements because he has none.


Honestly, I don’t think Fauci cares what Trump thinks or does. He is confident of the judgement of history, as he should be.


Dr Fauci, a true American patriot, is still going to be leading after DJT is nothing but a foul memory.


And he wasn’t given bleach, UV light or even hydroxy chloroquine so far as we know…


I’m surprised he didn’t get it weeks ago. I guess the policy of making everyone want to stay away from you has a positive side.


He also doesn’t believe in socialism, specifically socialized medicine aka Affordable Care Act but he sure sucked it up when he got sick and spent days at Walter Reed with the absolute best medical care our tax dollars could afford. He also continues to be treated at the White House in a state of the art medical wing-at taxpayers expense all for a illness that he could have completely avoided. He does NOT believe in science because the idea of being vulnerable is repugnant to him. If he believed in science the county would not be n the shape it’s in now. Facui needs to stop propping up that moron. This article speaks volumes:

Troye went on to say that she saw senior White House officials look away from Fauci and “roll their eyes” while he was trying to brief the president.

“Or they would try to put it back and say, ‘Well, can’t you spin the data this way? We are looking at — where we’re not increasing cases. Isn’t it true that cases are decreasing? Isn’t it true that children are immune?’” she recalled. “These are people who do not have any medical or scientific backgrounds.

more at link.


I think it’s fair to say that Trump has exponentially exceeded the worst expectations of almost anybody who dreaded him winning in 2016, with the possible exception of those who knew him personally.


SNL has to bring Brad Pitt back for another episode playing Dr. Fauci. You know it probably drives Fat Nixon even crazier than him being skewered by Alec Baldwin.


I assume that they’re (rightly) concerned about swift and furious retribution from The Dotard.


Catching the 'rona flipped Tio Loco’s chickenshit switch until he no longer thought it would kill him. That switch has reset to know it all mode. Fauci is not fooled.


Hummm interesting thought. Yeah I guess they probably would react more violently now since his “win” and time in office and allowance of far right groups if not promotion have made them feel like they can get away with more shit.

More likely concerned about swift and furious retribution from Trump lovers in their ranks.

I wrote this a while back, and it’s especially true about Trump:

I wouldn’t take medical advice regarding cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease or cirrhosis from politicians. Why is it that it’s ok for politicians to weigh on abortion and the virus?

Why are we not asking this question of these people every single day?

Medical procedures have no place in the public arena. The politicization of these and other diseases (see Terry Schiavo) needs to stop. No one gets to decide but the doctor and the patient.

Trump taking up space at WR is ridiculous - he’s spent the last eight months denigrating science, but relied on science to save his miserable life. It’s a shame that science did its job.