Ex-Pence Chief Of Staff Is Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee

All that Pence knows? I’ll grant you probably not. But as his CoS, he knows more than enough to make Trump squirm. Why am I surprised Trump/Pence staff might be cooperating? I’m not really with Pence, but I give you Bannon, Meadows, Eastman, and Clark as just four examples. And we’ll have to see about Stone, Alex Jones, and others.


If this thing is springing leaks…Trump and all of his horses and all of his men won’t have enough fingers to stick in the dike …
There will be a lot of high speed calculus & rapid assessment as to how fast to break ranks and leap into the life boats.


And when Q-Tip gets his subpoena?


It’s gonna make a Travis Scott concert look safe.


Let’s not sell Marc short. The guy isn’t stupid. He’s an amoral but smooth operator. He is in a position to be very helpful to the committee and he may be helpful. Not for any more noble purpose than self interest.


Remember Mike Dense declined to be “whisked away to safety” and rode that shit out in a loading dock.

With his family.


Let’s see where it leads…

I am quite positive that Trump will not like what Short has to say.


Unlike his former boss, Pence actually understood his constitutional duties and the limitations on his powers of office. He’s still an asshole, but I will give him credit for that, at least.


People vote from emotion

Which means that they respond well to emotional people

LEO and the DOJ, as well as Congressional Committees do not exude emotion…which makes those for whom politics is 90+% emotion** underestimate the power of LEO, DOJ, and Congressional Committees

**like GOP voters, minions, pols and Team Trump


Pence was justifiably concerned that if he left the Capitol, Trump would prevent him from going back to finish the vote count. But that still wouldn’t have stopped the count, because the Vice President does not preside. The President of the Senate presides, and in the absence of VPOTUS, that position devolves on the president pro tempore. And I’m pretty confident Sen. Leahy wouldn’t have gone along with any of Trump’s bullshit either.


I think this is real. Pence has indicated a serious intent to run for POTUS in 2024 or 2028. That can’t happen with Trump in charge of the GOP nominating process, so Pence’s first step has to be to destroy Trump.

The perfect play for Pence is therefore to disqualify Trump by putting him, somehow, in the Big House. His only option, today, is to help Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney nail Trump by digging up enough dirt so that when a referral for prosecution for seditious conspiracy comes out of the House, the argument is so compelling that the DoJ can’t say no.

Marc Short is a key part of that plan. You can bet that Pence and Short have enough allies in the GOP to know where all the bodies are buried.

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Donnie wasn’t around so if you’re a fly you take the nearest dungheap.


Yeah, but not all by himself. His bowels were still loose when he called Dan Quail for an opinion.


I think he was more concerned about the welfare of his family and knew that going into dumpsters arms would not end well.

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Is that because Fat Donnie has a long trail of bodies behind him, a la Killary Klinton? And how do you explain the amazing fact that nobody in Pence’s family appears to have suffered any cracked skulls or broken kneecaps after Mike’s J6 betrayal?


This is the main thing Short has to offer. I imagine he was also privy, either because he was present or because his boss told him, to some of the conversations between Trump and the soon-to-be-disbarred insurrectionist lawyers. Pence’s interests are not the same as Trump’s, and and I don’t think (although I don’t know the law on this) that Trump can claim executive privilege with respect to Pence’s conversations with anyone, including Short.


Good work by the DC police and lucky timing.


Entirely correct, unless he’s got something just entirely unexpected, which I assume he doesn’t because we have not heard anything about it already.

Unlikely, unless you’re referring to Eastman as among that group. Pence has never been reported to be among the apparent J6 plotters inside the White House, so Short wouldn’t have been there either. At most, he might have been told something inculpatory by somebody else with knowledge, which would still be significant but we also probably would have heard about it by now.


I wouldn’t say that this is Pence’s revenge. Short was disgusted with Trump’s response to Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. He quit his job as legislative director for Trump. Pence then offered him his CoS position. Plus Trump banned Short after J6 from the WH.
There is no love between Short and Trump, and I’m guessing because Short didn’t toady Trump.

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