Ex-Pence Chief Of Staff Is Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee

Marc Short, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, is reportedly cooperating with the Jan. 6 select committee, according to CNN on Monday.

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That’s Big of him



This should be fun. Pence trying to salvage his bootlicking legacy.


It takes a tall man to do the right thing.


Marc Short, on hold with the WH on Jan 6th, 2021


It’s unclear, however, whether Pence green lighted Short’s cooperation with the committee.

Oh, I think it’s pretty clear. This is Pence’s revenge - he’s going to keep his hands clean so he can run for President, while trying to bring down the king through his top associates.

No doubt he and his top aides are legitimately angry at Trump. After all, who wouldn’t be after Trump basically put out a kill order on Pence?

I imagine Short pretty much knows everything Pence does, and if Short is talking, it basically means Pence is. This will not be appreciated at Mar-a-Lago.


You think that fly humping Pence’s head had his eyes closed, and was thinking about other foreheads?


Short was also a firsthand witness to Trump and conservative attorney John Eastman’s attempts to pressure Pence into delaying the count of the Electoral College votes during a meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 4.

This is fascinating. Eastman may be taking the fifth, but, alas, it may all come out anyway. You sort of love to see it.


“Report: Former Pence Chief Of Staff Marc Short Is ALLEGEDLY Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee”


All these motherfuckers are inveterate liars, thieves, and power hungry white supremacist Christian dominionists who SHALL NOT be believed out of hand and whose words SHALL NOT be taken at face value. I will believe they are “cooperating” …and doing so FULLY…when you fucking PROVE it to me, TPM. Until then, kindly get with reality and insert the word “ALLEGEDLY” or something to that effect, just like we do with all as-yet-unconvicted criminals.


Even a fly needs something to grip on to. That head is pretty smooth.


The committee is begging one of the immunized to fuck up.


I appreciate your skepticism, but I take the following at face value. It certainly sounds credible to me.

A source told CNN that the committee is getting “significant cooperation with Team Pence.” Another source reportedly told CNN that Short’s cooperation exemplifies the “momentum” behind the committee’s investigation into the events of Jan. 6.


Yeah, but I bet it’s really sticky with Trump KKKult-juice.

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Proof or I believe nussing! NUSSING!


Just never ever gets old to me haha…and besides, with all that fetid, festering shit in his noggin, it’s a fucking fly’s wet dream


And, here we GO!!!


The article uses the words “report”, “reportedly”, “reported”, “could potentially”, etc. It doesn’t come off at all like TPM is taking Short’s cooperation at face value.

ETA: I do, however, have a beef with this paragraph:

It’s unclear, however, whether Pence green lighted Short’s cooperation with the committee. Prior to serving as Pence’s chief of staff, Short worked as Trump’s legislative director for the first 18 months of his presidency.

WTF do those facts have to do with each other? Did Pence greenlight or not greenlight Short’s cooperation based on Short working for DT? Does it imply that Short might talk up Pence while testifying against DT in order to make Pence’s chances for 2024 better? If so, Pence should be aware of two things -

  • Ain’t no coalition in this country that gets him to 270
  • If Dan Quayle had to talk him out of doing the wrong thing, there’s probably some evidence he was ready to do the wrong thing

It’s highly unlikely that Short knows everything Pence does. Further, why is it surprising to you that some people on Pence’s staff (and possibly Trump’s as well) might honor a request by the J6 Committee to give truthful testimony about what happened leading up to the seditionist riot at the Capitol? Fear of a tyrant in power is one thing. Fear of a tyrant out of power is entirely another.


Reports that Pence’s Self-Respect Co-operating with Jan 6 Committee

Not seen since Jan 7, VP Mike Pence’s self-respect emerged from hiding and, according to highly placed inside sources, sat down and dished to the Jan 6 Committee. Pence’s dignity, however, has still not been seen.


Brave, after what it’s been through.

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