Elon Musk’s X/Twitter Sues To Silence Media Criticism

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Silence your critics, Where have we seen that before>



I have fish. Deal.


Tell us you grew up the rich son in an apartheid nation without telling us you grew up the rich son in an apartheid nation.



I feel that I should have posted first, and therefore you are violating my First Amendment Right to post first. Expect a lawsuit, shortly.


Porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn
Lovely porn, wonderful porn.

The first thing to say about Covenant Eyes, the anti-porn phone app used by House speaker Mike Johnson, is that it did change my relationship with pornography.

It dramatically increased the amount of time I spent thinking about it.

The word “porn” is splashed absolutely everywhere across CovenantEyes.com, where you can create an account and download the app. It appears 18 times on the home page alone. The message isn’t positive – “porn creates shame”, “shame fuels porn usage” – but the effect is unavoidable: if porn wasn’t on your mind before you visited Covenant Eyes (unlikely), it sure will be after.


A dog returning to his vomit
Fox News Re-Hires Editor Who Oversaw Infamous Seth Rich Report (mediaite.com)

The editor who oversaw Fox News’s infamous and incorrect report on Seth Rich , the late DNC staffer who was the subject of a torrent of conspiracy theories after he was murdered in 2017, has rejoined the network.

Greg Wilson served as the deputy managing editor of FoxNews.com when the Seth Rich report was published. The piece, which spun a wild conspiracy theory about Rich supplying Wikileaks with Democratic Party emails, was retracted within days. Yet even after it was retracted it continued to be promoted on the air at Fox News, most prominently on Sean Hannity’s prime time show, and lives on as a prominent pro-Trump conspiracy theory. Rich’s family eventually sued Fox over the story; the network was forced to pay them a reported seven figure settlement.

After the debacle, Wilson was promoted to managing editor of Fox News. He left the network in October 2020 to serve as managing editor of The Washington Examiner and jumped from there to The Daily Wire — but that stint was short-lived.

Now, he’s back at Fox News, in a less prominent position than the one he left: weekend managing editor. The Daily Beast was first to report the news of Wilson’s return.

As for why Fox would welcome back an editor known for such a disastrous story, the first source offered: “They still think they are invincible, despite the Dominion settlement, and just don’t care what baggage Greg Wilson brings, as long as he dutifully continues to toe the company lin


Pretty much everywhere with a dictator. Past, present and future, I sense a trend.


I think Cheeto Mussolini and MAGA Mike Johnson would make perfect porn accountability partners. It would keep MAGA Mike so busy he wouldn’t be able to wreck the country.


I usually spend Black Friday transmogrifying the leftover turkey carcass into the best gumbo of the year. Nothing is quite as good as post-Thanksgiving gumbo.

And i’ve got my turkey, right here!




Pass the cop porn!


Judge shopping? You betcha! The case managed to dodge Reed O’Connor, but instead got assigned to Mark Pittman, notable for entertaining anti-vaxx nonsense, canceling student debt cancellation, and making sure teenagers get to carry concealed handguns.

Fort Worth: Where The Crazy Goes To Thrive.

Lawsuit brought by three 'wingers I’ve never heard of before, indicating that Elon couldn’t get any real law firm to handle his bullshit.


Can you make vegan gumbo with the carcass of a tofurkey? (Asking for a friend)


As posted elsewhere: remember to discuss politics at the table over the holiday. You will either have a talk about these uncomfortable times or save money buying gifts over the holidays.

It’s win/win/win, people.
No reason not to do it.



Lone Skum is just jealous of the attention all the other malignant narcissists are getting.

snot fair.


The latter behave as though holding Trump to a more lenient set of rules is worth it to avoid some civil strife they’ve conjured in their minds, or the death threats they know will follow any significant adverse rulings.

Our judges have proven to be either crooks or cowards, and Trump is going to be cleared in all cases. He is going to come out strengthened out of it and he is going to win the presidency. Just because Americans lacked the balls to put him in prison where he belongs.


“We are examining the issue closely to ensure that the public has not been deceived by the schemes of radical left-wing organizations who would like nothing more than to limit freedom by reducing participation in the public square,” Paxton said in a statement.

Do not be deceived by the truth, the truth is limiting to your freedom. So, fellow lowlifes, feel free to to launch your toxic spewage in the public square because I’ve got your back. - paxton.

We will silence our critics because it’s ‘Freedom for Me but not for Thee’, as our founders and gawd intended.


More from the Guardian article. The app is only interested in women.

If the House speaker were to type “pretty ladies” into his Google search bar, he would find himself in hot water. When I tried it, one of the image results showed a woman in a blue bikini, and Covenant Eyes immediately flagged it as explicit content. “Attractive dames” also triggered Covenant Eyes, while “conservative hotties” sent the app into a frenzy, after Google produced images of women in swimwear in front of American flags.

Curiously, the app does not have a problem with the male form. When a friend sent a link to a New York City-based all-male strip club, Covenant Eyes didn’t seem to care – even letting it slide when I clicked through to some photos of the oiled-up dancers.

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