Donald Trump Bear Hugs Sam Alito At Height Of Flag Flap

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Not a kitty but very catty.

Hilarious read from WaPo.
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Alito claims that he didn’t know the upside-down flag was a symbol of the J6 movement (riiiiiiiight…) at the same time he claims that as soon as he saw it, he asked the missus to take it down.

Asking her to take it down kinda tells us you DID know the flag’s connotation, Sammy Stoopid! Clearly, the MSM will be all over this logical inconsistency and demand an explanation! [crickets]


Funny how Alito’s wife “has a right to make her own decisions” that he “always respects her for” & he won’t try to control her… Yet, he is the architect of the govt having complete control of every other woman in the US. Alito is a farce!!! #Reidout #wagnertonight #lastword

— G-Barb ☮🐾🎼📚🎬🐶⚖️💙🇺🇦💛🌻💜🐾 (@wilycyotee) May 29, 2024

Conservatives are plotting the demise of health care entitlements and health insurance subsidies ahead of the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House.

Republican sources told Axios there was more planning underway ahead of this year’s election than there was in 2016, when Trump scored a surprise win, and a chaotic transition period and the lack of a replacement plan doomed efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act in his first year in office.

“Several GOP lobbyists told Axios they’ve received intensifying requests from health care clients in recent weeks to game out the beginning of a new Trump term and build relationships with Trump world,” Axios reported. “Insiders say they’re generally skeptical that Republicans would pursue a major ACA overhaul or full repeal of new Medicare drug pricing negotiations, but conservative-preferred changes to those programs are possible.”

If Republicans also win the House and Senate, they’re planning to fast-track a reconciliation budget to extend the 2017 Trump tax cuts and push through partisan health care cuts.

GOP majorities would not renew enhanced insurance subsidies that caused ACA enrollment to surge, and Republicans see this as an opportunity to crack down on Medicare Advantage overpayments to insurers and cutting back on Medicare payments for outpatient care at hospitals.

They’re also looking at cuts to Medicaid and pushing through GOP-favored work requirements in a reconciliation package, and Trump-aligned groups Paragon Health Institute, America First Policy Institute and the Heritage Foundation are already fielding calls from the health care industry.

“You don’t want to get ahead of your skis and give industry a chance to start figuring out what they’re going to do and what actions are going to reduce government subsidies to industry,” said Paragon president Brian Blase, a former Trump health official.


Glad to see Alito defending women’s rights.

Oh, wait. Check that. This is the same guy who was happy to send women back to the 1950’s when overturning Roe v Wade.


Unpaid child support…just like a certain clown who lost to Rev. Warnock!


Trump used the “N” word…


An early prediction: as a self-proclaimed ‘Trump channeler’, I predict that Mr. Trump will skip both scheduled presidential debates for 2 main reasons (From Mr. Trump’s point of view):

  1. No need. Currently Mr. Trump is polling well against President Biden. Unless there is a dramatic shift in the polls in the next couple of months, he may decide that he doesn’t need the debates and that they are an unnecessary risk.
  2. Bad format. Without an audience to perform to and live mics that allow constant heckling, Mr. Trump will not be able to put on his usual show. Mr. Trump lacks the discipline to study the issues and prepare for the debates, so he will just riff. As premier Trump channeler Joe Scarborough put it, when Mr. Trump makes one of nonsensical reponses in the empty studio, the studio crew members will look at each other and think ‘What was that?’. His remarks will just fall flat.

Mr. Trump will say that President Biden has refused a drug test, the debate is rigged, or he is beating Biden so badly that he doesn’t need to give him a stage. Unless the Biden
campaign team agrees to change the debate rules (Which they would be crazy to do…) Mr. Trump will come up with some excuse to drop out.


That’s just the start. They will take away everything from us lower 99% they can get away with. Recall Bush the Lesser targeting Social Security right after his re-election, in '05.

For 43 years the singular, consistent overriding agenda of the Republican Party has been to extract from the lower 99% and give to the 1%. As the bumpersticker says, “At least the War on the Middle Class is Going Well”


I read stuff like this and shake my head. I understand that for the Republicans, the cruelty is the point. But I don’t understand the lobbyists from the insurance companies and Pharma, etc. When people can’t afford insurance or can’t even get insurance, they aren’t buying what you’re selling and if they get desperate, they’ll run up the medical bills that they’ll never pay.


The bottom line–Republicans want the weak to die off.


I’ve searched my feelings and know this to be true.


Unfortunately for them, they need all those impoverished families to do the scut work they don’t want to do for minimum wage. That will be even more true after they finish rounding up all the “illegals” and putting them in camps. What a vision for America. :face_vomiting:


Japanese economic commentator Katsuto Uchihashi once remarked that the capitalist class wants an ‘anxious work force’. Workers living from paycheck to paycheck who can be forced into economic ruin by a single health emergency without company sponsored health insurance are much easier to control.


Justice Alito’s letter contained one of the most remarkable lines in recent political history: “My wife is fond of flags the boss. I am not.”

Fixed it judge
Alito says he doesn’t tell his wife what to say, think or do yet he is more than willing to deprive women control of their own bodies and reproductive decisions.


Even better now that most companies have dumped any effort to provide affordable health insurance or pensions or vacations or …


Alito baldly asserted there was no basis for recusal

Which is, itself, a basis for impeachment.


Alito is very obviously trolling the libs.

No! What are you going to do about it? And by the way, fuck you.

So much for the hallowed highest court in the land. The nearest analogy I can think of are the scandals that rocked Ireland in the 1990s, about bishop’s mistresses, the Magdalene laundries etc etc. The disgraced ayatollahs lost their grip on power and Ireland went from the last West European country to legalize gay sex (only after a suit in the ECHR) to the first country to legalize gay marriage by plebiscite (instead of by judicial or legislative action).

I hope we will see a similar outcome here eventually, but a lot of politicians are going to have to wake up. Has anybody checked Dick Durbin’s pulse lately?


Really? Couldn’t have seen this coming. Trump’s father was a notorious racist. Stupidity and bigotry don’t fall far from the tree.