Don’t Let Aileen Cannon’s Sleight Of Hand Fool You

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Also, why is there even a question as to whether Bannon should go to jail immediately?

ETA: Great news, although the bastard still got another three-and-a-half week reprieve.


I’d like to be first, but Aileen Cannon is delaying my post until 2025.


Ex-Pence aide turns the tables on WSJ over Biden exposé: ‘Happy to discuss Trump’s mental acuity’ -
Former Vice President Mike Pence’s Homeland Security Secretary Olivia Troye responded to Wall Street Journal’s report via X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, writing: “Hope the Wall Street Journal feels free to reach out to any one of us who worked in the Trump Admin. Happy to discuss Trump’s mental acuity & fitness for office. We can start with the closed doors discussions on milkshakes during intel briefings, windmills causing cancer, what bleach does & doesn’t do & go from there…”


80 Years Ago Today

The way things are going in Europe, this may happen again.


Moscow Mitch: Punish Dem Senators Holding Alito Accountable | Crooks and Liars

Deference To Alito The Real Reason WaPo Sat On Flag Story | Crooks and Liars
Barnes told me: “We determined that it wasn’t the justice that flew the flag upside down and we determined it wasn’t a protest about the election or something else on the part of Mrs. Alito.” Asked how they had reached those determinations, Barnes said they were based on the claims of the Alitos, Martha-Ann Alito’s “actions when I saw her and what others in the neighborhood had told me.”


This is now called “The Putin Pipeline”.


The way things are going in the US may also necessitate Europe to return the favor.


This is “Double Think Day” for the Repubs.
How do you honor our troops who fought against what Trump is and back him?


Actually, Trump voters really like Trump. Gemeinschaft vs Gesellschaft.

So, Donald Trump is now a convicted felon. Will voters mind? Certainly not his core supporters: for them the charges were always, as Trump would say, “rigged.” But maybe even those who are not the MAGA faithful but view Trump in a more ambivalent way may not be much bothered by Trump’s official status as a criminal. And some might even find something attractive in it.

As my friend Eric Levitz quipped on Twitter, Resistance Libs like to say, “Trump is a sociopathic gangster.” Pro-Trump swing voters respond, “Yes, exactly!”

Rackets don’t just take care of the material wellbeing of the insiders, they are always also sources of recognition and belonging. You’re part of the clan, the crew, the family. The “fuck you” of Trumpism, its “shock to the system,” might appear to be purely anti-social, a rejection of the reciprocal norms that make cooperative social life possible, but it’s in point of fact pre-social, it speaks to the longing to a return to something earlier, “the original closeness of blood,” something more organic than society: the gang, the mob, la famiglia — to Gemeinschaft.


This may be the best post of the entire day


Did I understand correctly that ALL of the VP candidates TIFBG is considering are male?

VP contenders Burgum, Vance, Rubio asked for documents from Trump team (

No women at all?


How Penny will sleep when Bannon is behind bars.


To be fair, logical consistency is not part of their party platform.


For the same reason that the additional trials against TIFBG are delayed indefinitely.

It’s a right-wing world in the judiciary, for the most part. Merchan is the glowing exception in all of this.


It’s all for show, anyway.

I’m not entirely convinced that any of those that back TIFBG have ever served. If they have, I’d be truly amazed.


Those freaking Antifas should be arrested!!!


There’s an awful lot of handwringing about Trump and his “imminent,” violent MAGA movement now that he’s been criminally convicted. This is coupled with astonishment that @40% of the population and the vast majority of GOP officeholders are enthralled enough with Trump to still be supporting him A brief overview of our history is a necessary purgative.
The founding fathers knew no matter what system of government they devised, it would fail if its officeholders, and more importantly, its citizens, lacked virtue. Madison recognized that this was especially so given the compromises they were forced to adopt regarding Senate representation and the Electoral College. Did they believe that the populace of the time was uniformly virtuous and would remain so? Of course not. Around 40% of the population were Loyalists during the Revolution. And around 40% of our population has always lacked civic virtue more or less throughout our history. Think the Confederacy and Copperheads during Antebellum and the Civil War. The post Civil War Ku Klux Klan/Jim Crow South (and the averted eyes of the North) which continued to thrive even through the generally recognized apex of American liberalism, FDR’s terms in office. Speaking of which, FDR’s highest popular vote was 60.8% in 1936.
Yet, progress in human rights has made uneven, but real progress through our history. How, if virtue was required of our elected officials and the citizens who placed them in office, did that happen?
Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William Seward had the answer:
“There was always just enough virtue in this republic to save it; sometimes none to spare, but still enough to meet the emergency.”
In 2016, the republic’s virtue was inadequate. In 2020, it was barely enough. No one can read the future, but I believe that in November 2024, there will be more than enough – if we work our tails off. On this anniversary of D-Day, it bears remembering that it’s always been this way - and it always will be this way. Vigilance, steady effort and all too often great sacrifice are the eternal costs of preserving, let alone expanding our liberty and freedom.
If a true majority of the public is civicly virtuous, the Republic will be, even if it takes some time to reform its institutions, now particularly the Supreme Court and a few of the Circuits. We can get this done. Stop the hand wringing and use those hands to start pulling together on the ropes of democracy to get it to the next ledge of our journey to a more perfect union.


Yep. Thats the way it appears.
They couldn’t find a single republican woman to put on the ticket.