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Is it wrong I’m disgusted? Hillary doesn’t use her family as props.


I would have voted for Palin’s son before I’d have voted for her.


Moreover, the very articles that Governor linked debunked the rumors.

Governor Palin is criticizing the main stream media articles for actually debunking claims that she had an affair and/or that Trig was not really her son.

This would never happen in reverse, right-wing media outlets will never debunk any rumor thrown at political enemies.


See, I remember people questioning Trig’s parentage. I also remember it only being the fringe, and I remember telling people off for it. And I wasn’t the only one doing so. What I don’t remember is a major figure in Democratic circles, a Karl Rove equivalent, publicly spreading that filth. I don’t remember any major news networks dedicating days of air time to discussing it with politicos.

Sarah Palin is right to be mad at the people who question her son’s parentage. But she needs to realize they aren’t important members, or even a sizable fraction of the Democratic party. I am not surprised there are people who don’t believe her though, afterall, there are people who believe in the lizard people of Antarctica and creationism, so there are all sorts of crazies out there.


There’s a difference between people on the fringes of the Democratic party being baby truthers and Karl Friggin Rove spewing crap. And even Sarah Palin played the Birther game.


Had Caribou Barbie had a brain, her walnut would have been target rich! Or…She had a brain but it was too tiny to target?


Gee, what a shock, Sarah Palin is making it all about herself. Who would have thought such a thing.


Uh, no. Just no. Where Palin’s false equivalency fatally breaks down is that it wasn’t mainstream Democrats, let alone party leaders who were pushing that crap. FAIL…


…And I care about anything Sarah Palin says exactly why?

For several years now, she has shown herself to be ready, willing, and able to do anything and say anything,no matter how loathsome and deceitful.

I refuse to even consider her claim to credibility, and her and her son’s claim to victimhood, She is simply a cheat and a disingenuous liar.


The media figure pushing that b.s. the hardest was Andrew Sullivan, who is a moderate Republican.


Vapid Palin, Wasilla DeVil, jumping at the chance to remain in the spotlight? Color me surprised!

Her weave and L’Oreal budget must be running SarahPAC funds into the red…


Pay attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Do you recall the Washington Post doing an investagative, half-page on the parentage of trig, or specific stories on Trig’s birth defect? Yeah, I don’t remember that either, although they did publish an aid to Rove’s claim that Hillary’s concussion could affect her election prospects. “Thanks, WaPo.” - Sincerely, Karl.


What? You’re still here?


Sarah Palin, ambulatory “traumatic brain injury”, never released her medical records in 2008, instead opting for simple statement by her doctor stating she was in good health. McCain gave reporters an hour or two to look at the thousands of pages in his medical records and then closed them forever. No copies of the records were allowed.

As for her, “Goodness, no one credible would print lies, continually harass a candidate’s doctor, disrupt local hospital staff…” comment, I give you conservative Mississippi blogger, 28-year-old Clayton Thomas Kelly, who illegally entered the nursing home room of the wife of Sen. Thad Cochran, hospitalized for dementia, just so he could create an anti-Cochran hit-piece video.

She should go back to porn.


Thing is, Sarah, people wondered about Trig’s parentage because the many bizarre things you’d actually said and done made them think you were pretty much capable of anything. And since Rush has repeatedly accused Hillary of murder without her whining about the unfairness of it all, perhaps you’d like to do the classy thing, let bygones be bygones, and shut your screech-hole.


Remember this fact when sifting through the noise…No Republican since Calvin Coolidge has won the Presidency without carrying all 4 of these states…Colorado,Virginia,Ohio,and Florida


Wow, such a sensitive flower, that Sarah Palin, still hurt deeply after all these years by someone’s baseless speculation that Trig was actually her daughter’s son.

Isn’t she supposed to be a rough-tough gal – a pitbull? Good thing she was spared the crucible that is the Vice Presidency of the United States of America. The poor thing would have been emotionally wounded by the normal criticism every VP endures, every single day of her term – and probably have resigned after a year or two, as she did her governorship, unable to endure the pain of being so put-upon.


What else would you expect from Bible Spice except more lies?