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In-service training:

“This is your Taser
This is your Gun.
One is for killing
The other for stun”

Understand, Deppity Dawg?


Perhaps this will change when enough of the coffers of police departments around the country are bled dry from lawsuits.


Not as long as the NRA is viable.


I was thinking they could put all these amateur fanboys and wannabe’s in one unit with starter pistols, futon-powered tasers and candy cuffs, and call them the Vigil People.

Old man, there’s no need to feel dissed
I said, old man, pick a taser from this list
I said, old man, go after someone who’s pissed.
There’s no need. 2. B. unrequited.

Old man, there’s a place you can go
I said, old man, if you’ve got enough dough.
You can hang there, and I’m sure you’ll find
Many ways to have a good time.

It’s fun to serve with the Tulsa P.D.
It’s fun to serve with the Tulsa P.D.

They do it all for old white rich dudes to enjoy,
And you can hang out with all those boys …


Who needs ‘safaris’ when you can hunt in your own back yard???


Is it true that impulse control is one of the first things to go with age and brain damage and alcohol problems?

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There is also the case of Steven Seagal playing cop with Joe Arpaio and smashing down a brown citizens fence and killing his dog and 100 roosters.


“It seems that’s the trade-off: law enforcement agencies that don’t have enough full-timers on hand to staff an operation bring in reservists who, despite their training, may make a fatal mistake.”

I think you have that wrong, catherine.

“more training” = “more likelihood to use fatal force”

American Police train to be an organized killer of unarmed civilians.

This came as a complete surprise to me. I was aware that the 1% and the corporate kleptocrats had bought out the justice system, judges and prosecutors in many states through campaign bribery, particularly in the deep South. I never imagined that the police forces were this far infiltrated and compromised by moneyed interests.


By using stock photos TPM sometimes misses the opportunity to make editorial statements…


Just goes to show: even a couple hundred hours of training can’t fix wanting a shoot a minority really bad.


If you’re wealthy you are allowed to hunt, harass, stalk, intimidate, maim or kill your neighbor especially if they’re a shade of brown.


Next Up: Pay-to-Patrol ‘volunteer’ Officer rapes young college girl that had it totally coming.

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Let’s see if I have this straight.
Wealthy donor donates.
Undergoes ‘training’.
In person? Or online?
Makes a big difference.

Cuz’ my wealthy buddy? When he gets a traffic ticket?
Pays one of his office personnel to do the online Defensive Driving Course.

This smells like 1%ers wanting the right to carry a firearm wherever they please–
–and paying for the right to do so.



Someone should ask Scotty Walker whether he thinks teachers should be allowed to just buy their license like deputies can apparently buy a badge.


Mr. Harris was another victim of ‘Norquisting.’ By that I mean that Police Departments replace rational taxation as a source of revenue. That is why Mr. Bates was alllowed to play Cops and Robbers and why broken tail-lights become capital crimes. America will continue to decline as long as government is starved to death. Don’t want to pay any taxes? Try Somalia.



If God had wanted girls to go to college
He wouldn’t have endowed them with virginias…

Reminds me of the GOP donor who was steering the USN submarine when it crashed into and sank that Japanese civilian trawler a few years back.


If they want to be a cop, hold them to exactly the same standards. That doesn’t mean they get to kill anybody at any time…because that shouldn’t be the standard for regular cops either. This guy probably didn’t commit “murder” and it would likely be hard to prove intent. But it’s really easy to prove “disregard” and he needs to go to jail, likely for the remainder of his natural life.