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Flush this fake token liberal and the illusion she creates.

Hey Mika, since you’re so goddamned head-over-heels in love, tell the Kochs – who are literally trying to ruin the lives of real-world Americans by taking away health care and destroying the environment, not to mention dumping a billion dollars worth of lies into this coming election to convince people to vote against their own interests – tell your pals the Kochs that it’s my Constitutionally-protected right to invite them to kiss my ass.

Ewwwww! How vulgar of me, right Mika? That’s not productive dialogue, right?? I should be like you and be the one kissing their ass. I should play nice while they eviscerate the American Dream with you and your moronic co-host as their liaisons.

You see, for me, Mika, it’s not about how many millions I get paid, it’s about day-to-day survival. But you wouldn’t know the first thing about that, would you? What a whining elitist stooge…my only regret is wasting my time reading what I could stomach of this pathetic puff piece in the hope it might dispel some of my disgust.


They both seem so trite, superficial and devoid of original thought–no wonder they’re television journalists.


TPM was speaking to Brzezinski by phone this week about her upcoming five-city “Know Your Value” tour when Scarborough jumped on the line to explain the whole France thing was
just an “inside joke.”

“It’s one of the great scams of ‘Morning Joe,’ which I paint Mika out to be an east coast elitist that does all of these things,” Scarborough said. “The truth is I actually travel around a lot more than she does. She’s got two teenage girls, and she basically works and raises teenage girls.”

Are. you. kidding. me?


As long as mika sits next to that bloviating fool every morning,does events & photo ops,VANITY FAIR???,she’s a fraud & msnbc is failing miserably because they insist on giving them face time.She also loves the Koch Bros,ignores all the evil they do,strokes them for their charitable contributions.They are now sponsoring the show.And btw TPM Joe is now hosting Way Too Early and has a permanent spot on MTP so please don’t assert Joe isn’t as visible.


Gee, it’s so nice that TPM takes the time to interview verbally and emotionally abused morning talk show TV wives. Mighty white of you, guys! I have always wanted to read an interview with a doormat.


Hey, how about having an interview with Rush Limbaugh, wherein he discusses his tireless fight to expand women’s rights? How many angels can sit on the head of a pin? Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick? Any other useless questions TPM wants to ask useless people?


Why more Brzezinski than Scarborough? It’s a lame attempt to boost sagging ratings.


An awful, awful show. Unwatchable.


They are on television. They are not journalists.

For that matter, neither is Brian Williams - he’s a news reader.


You had Scarborough chiming in, why didn’t you ask him about that dead intern found in his FL office?


MSNBC should dump Joe until he comes clean about the dead inter in his office


Well, this article got the dogs barkin’!

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Let me see if I get the gist of this interview: knowing your value results in a makeover and new clothes and Joe Scar speaks unintelligibly.


“Oh Mika went to the south of France this weekend.” It’s a little inside joke.

inside joke, my ass. it’s a great little gem scarbro uses to mock and diminish meeka. everyone knows what that comment is meant to imply. kind of like dog-whistles.

ugh. that this princess of the wdc power elite is profiled as some awesome spokesgal for female empowerment is disturbing and insulting. have you actually watched the program – she’s constantly interrupted by that condescending asshole on those rare occasions she attempts to offer insight. and i do mean rare. she’s not informed about issues and only repeats well-worn talking points. and listen to the squeals of delight as she grabs the offerings of guests – whether it’s books, artwork or her beloved manolos that she teeters around on.

one image i will never forget is when she was trying to make a point and scarbro actually snapped his fingers at her… and instead of punching that asshole and knocking him out, she giggled. the reason she continues in that role is because she’s accustomed to being bullied. her father, her mother, her brother prepared her well.

oh and that she’s milfbait


Was, anyway.

Fire Scarborough - he’s become a huffy, religious bore.


So well said!!! Thanks!

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He was always a religious, huffy hypocritical bore!

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And TPM brought it straight to us. Aren’t we special. Please, what a trite piece on two people who are only good at one thing–shameless self-promotion. Shame on TPM