Discussion: Women May Eventually Be Registering For Draft In Name of Equality

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I will not worry until we all have to use one common restroom. Maybe not even then.

Is there a good reason for women to be exempted from the draft?


I have no problem with women having to register for the draft. In fact, if we had a draft, I think politicians would be FAR less likely to go to war.


No. Then again, there will never again be a draft–and I mean never. If we get to that point in a war, we’d already be so fucked that more troops won’t matter in the outcome.

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Because it doesn’t make sense to kill all the young men AND the only vehicle to repopulating. Seriously. If you kill a lot of enlisted and the women who give birth, it’s a population issue.

Edit: Apparently it wasn’t clear that this post was in reference to historical policy and not advocating a position. It never occurred to me that the existence of this policy when draft inclusion was decided was not obvious.

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I have no problem with this except he forgot to say…we don’t have a draft and aren’t likely to have one in the near or distant future…because then legislators’ children would all have to comport with the law and register as well. And first order of business… “we the people” will make damn sure those legislators don’t get to fix the lottery and create exemptions or lame deferments for themselves like they have in the past.


Well if women don’t register, how will they get paid 79 cents on the dollar?


You’d have to go a long way for it to be a population issue.

I asked for a good reason.

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Considering the population woes of this country and this world, that’s not a valid argument against it. And I’m a woman.


I’m sorry, but this is a ludicrous argument. As a species, re-population will never, ever be an issue.


LOL! I can’t wait for GOPers/Teatrolls to make that argument. It’s totally absurd to believe that “population” and “re-population” are even remotely sane arguments with respect to this.

Newsflash: If we’re killing that many people in the first place, men, women or both, then we’re already beyond worrying about population.


Honestly, GOOD! Equal rights, equal risks!!

But we all know this is bullshit since the draft will not be coming back.


This is America…the world is our toilet.

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This is a giant non-issue as everyone has already noted. There is no draft. As for registration, of course. Fair is fair, equal is equal and who the fuck am I to condescend to women that they’re can’t handle being drafted to fight for the country in the extraordinarily unlikely event that a draft ever becomes necessary?


I’m not mocking you, it was always the reasoning behind the policy.

I’m not advocating either way, it was one.of the major driving forces of the policy.

I’m not making an argument, I’m answering Meri’s question. That was the driving point of the policy.

Yes, and it was decided back when nobody pretended that women had any sort of equality.

Assuming you were actually trying to give the historical justification and not a current one, you should have been more clear, because it seems absolutely nobody read it as you speaking from an historical perspective.

I agree, though I would prefer they get rid of the selective service all together.

Maybe require gun owners to sign up for the selective service instead, register a gun, get signed up for military service.