Discussion: Woman Calls Cops On Black State Rep. Canvassing In Neighborhood

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WTF is it with white women going batshit crazy? I’m a white woman. I don’t clutch my pearls at the sight of a person of color. Do I lack the scared shitless gene?


Seems to be an epidemic of these incidents recently. Is there really an increase, or is there just more reporting?

And if it is an increase, is there any chance it’s coordinated?


This has always been happening. The only difference now is we have cameras on our phones. What makes me even more concerned is how much this kind of behavior is a factor in other aspects of life such as employment, housing, education, etc.


Yes, because when people are casing a neighborhood to rob, they go door-to-door asking people questions and typing on their cell phone. Makes sense. There’s probably an app for this.

Honestly though, the main thing about all these encounters is for cops to learn that a 911 call isn’t always real. These things are so much worse when the cops make assumptions and start pointing guns, making threats, and roughly arresting people without even asking questions. This is obviously due to poor training, yet most police departments support it because they were trained badly too.

At some point we’re going to admit that giving humans almost unlimited power and assuming they always tell the truth might not have been the best idea. Who knew?


I read that harassment of black BBQ-ers in Oakland has been going on for a long time.
These stories don’t give me a lot of confidence about the white women voting bloc turning out strongly for Dems.


Nah, we just don’t consume fear mongering media that has kept some people in a thrall of fear since 911 - in such a way that hypnotically keeps them consuming more and more as if seeking some kind of high - but which has the side effect of being in fear and anger 100% and another of no longer being capable of thinking and assessing situations with any rationality.

But damn the havoc they are causing (to the individuals called on, to the police responding, and ultimately to themselves when their appalling behavior comes out on the internet and a backlash is unleashed, that is what is new in this era - that last point. Viral coverage and response.


Hey Kids!
Here’s a fun game to play while bbq-ing in the park.
If you see any white folks (i’m white btw) bbqing today you call the police and tell them you they’re illegally bbq-ing.
If you see any white women tasting the grapes at Walmart (now this will be a team sport - teams of 2 go out across the nation to do this) you call the cops and tell them you’re watching that woman steal.

Anyone else have some games that come to mind?
OH, OH, I have one more - if you see a guy wearing a confederate flag and carrying a gun you use the stand my ground doctrine to take out the threat.


I am sure that cops already get this – the problem is determining in advance which call is and which call isn’t real. On a certain level, they (have to) operate under a “crime until proven otherwise” modus.

That being said, what bothers me, as it does you, is the level of violence in both behavior and language, and with guns-as-first-resort that we seem to be hearing so much more about.

As @litho and @timp have pointed out, we probably have always had lots of this happening, but now people are able to document bad behavior via camera, and to get a idea of the scale of the awfulness that we never had before. It’s horrible and it’s scary.

ETA: I forgot to add that Ms Bynum handled this extremely well and with a great deal of class. Kudos to her!!!


If there’s some good in this story, it is that at least two of the three people involved handled the situation remarkably well.

That said, all it would have taken was one off-the-wall cop for the situation to go completely south.


I think you are an exception. I think most caucasian have this gene which makes afraid of extinction from anyone who is different. For them, it’s about self-preservation.



On the road?!! What does that even mean? She called the police and then sped away to avoid a hostage situation?? Trump has brought out all the narcissistic crazy racists. She’s probably disappointed noone wanted to kidnap her. Conspiracies are like a virus. Trump supporters need mental help. You cant meet crazy half way.


You’re probably a Democrat. We have other things to worry about.


I think there are two things driving this horrible phenomenon:

  1. The unleashing of overt racism by Donnie

  2. The growing fear of the backlash to Donnie, culminating in a blue tsunami :ocean: led by women of color, LGBT :rainbow_flag: folks — and by women in general. When the privilege you have as a white (straight) woman is threatened, you do whatever you think you can do to preserve it.

That being said, us white women need to knock it off—NOW! WOC are our allies and fellow citizens in taking our country back. When we see blatant racism, we have to speak up and use our privilege for good in the battle to further protect our union.

Let’s have each other’s back, sisters. Together, we’re going to set a new course for our country. Happy 4th, y’all — have fun at the BBQ!


At least now they’ve been called out on it.


I don’t believe there’s been an increase in these incidents. People are just recording and/or reporting them on social media. White women have been doing this bullshit since the dawn of time. To Kill A Mockingbird was based on this very subject. Emmitt Till was brutally tortured and murdered because a white woman called the law on him and lied about it. My thinking is that these white women feel insignificant and powerless and so they try to assert power and controlover someone they feel is beneath them. Whether it’s a child selling water or people enjoying a barbecue, they feel a need to flex their white power over others. As evil as it is, it’s also incredibly sad and pathetic.


The legislator said she asked the policeman to connect her to the person, whose race is unknown, who called 911.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was a white Trump supporter. What do I win?


Lucky she didn’t get SWATed she’d be dead


We can never forget the black student at Yale who was turned in for napping in the common area of her dorm.