Discussion: Witnesses: Trump Jr., Kushner Irked By Lack Of Clinton Dirt In Trump Tower Meeting

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I always figured Manafort always knew what was going on (the approach, as it were) and that Junior and Kush were just too dumb to know that they were supposed to talk Magnitsky in order actually get the dirt that Putin’s lawyer was peddling.


That sounds about right. It’s a test to see how sophisticated you are, whether you know how the game is played. I mention adoptions, you mention the innocents hurt by the sanctions, and so the dance goes. This is why they were making overtures to a number of people—to find who was best to work with. We all do it. So Manafort was up to speed, Flynn figured it out, others I can’t think of at the moment.


Clowns and grifters, the lot of them.


So the Trump’s and their pals were indignant that a hostile country did not have illegal info for them? Knowing the Trump’s they’ll claim that makes the meeting legal. Its not a criminal plot if it doesn’t work.


So Junior and Kushner were irked by lack of Clinton dirt. Conversely, prosecutors in two districts and the Special Counsels office are irked by the endless sleaze of everyone associated with Spanky and his gang. “There is no bottom to this,” they probably say. And they’re right.


The grifting TRUssia’s wanted their criminal information from a hostile country for free.


Well, the release of all these transcripts and documents today TOTALLY exonerates the president, his campaign, his familia and the 1919 Chicago White Sox players.

Time to wrap up the Mueller investigation.

(If Trump and Rudy and Pence and the other bootlickers try much shit tomorrow for the anniversary of the appointment of the special counsel, as has been reported they might … I’d say a few well-placed indictment un-sealings would be an appropriate response - although, I’m not sure Mueller would agree. I just like the idea of a smack down.)


The thought of pissy little Jared becoming irritated is almost comical.


There is zero, zip, zilch chance Dotard Trump didn’t know about this meeting with his campaign manager and children involved.


At some point, and I would say that point is now, any right wing Fox or Breitbart hack or “Trump supporter” who claims there is no evidence of interaction with the Russians is lying, ignorant or stupid. They need to be called out in real time.
Trump worked with the Russians against the United States to get elected, period.


“I did all this light treason and I didn’t get a single scrap of meat out of it! Unfair! Unfair!”



The only thing missing is Chris Hanson coming out of an adjacent room and saying to Jared, Don Jr. and Manafort ‘No, there’s no dirt on Hillary here but you are and the fact is that’s why you’re here talking to a foreign intermediary trying to swing a federal election which is, by the way, a felony.’ The fact they may not have actually received any ‘dirt’ on Clinton is beside the point.


As reported in today’s Guardian, the Trumpistas sent a contemporary request to the Russians to coordinate their story so it backed Fredo Sr. (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/16/trump-russia-investigation-donald-trump-jr-senate-testimony)
Whatever we’re now being told about that meeting may have nothing to do with what went down. That would be in keeping with the substance of what’s in Manafort’s notes (eg, references to Browder and his GOP connections.) That would probably have been as alien to Don Jr. and Kushner as the Magnitsky Act, so there irritation may not have been misreported. What it was about (the quid,) however, may well be.


Great work, Caitlin, as always.


First graf and next-to-last graf:


not disinterested

Disinterested is something very different from uninterested, so it’s not just a picky mistake, it actually distorts your meaning.


Sounds plausible, except for the fact that there probably wasn’t any dirt to begin with because Hillary is way more above board than they wanted to accept.


Behind the scenes of America’s foremost crime family with their corruption exposed.


Set up, set up, set up. Couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

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I think at that point the Russians had already hacked the DNC emails, and were shopping them to the trump team, for a price, of course.


It sounds as if the Russians were trying to couch everything in carefully coded phrases, knowing it was all being recorded. It flew right over the heads of Butthead and Dumbass, who most likely were completely unaware of the Magnitsky Act, or the context of repealing it and voiding the sanctions. Manafort knew, but had his own plots cooking.

Veselnitskaya was probably saying to herself, “Are these jackasses really this dumb?” and repeated the pitch, which could not take root in the thin soil of the morons’ brains.

Jared and Donnie Jr wanted dirt on Clinton, and it’s becoming obvious they thought it would just be handed to them as a big favor. They were repeatedly told by the other hangers-on that Russia fully supported trump, so naturally they would get this dirt for free, right?

It’s a great plot for Inspector Clouseau.