Discussion: Witness For The Prosecution: How Rick Gates Went From Paul Manafort's Protégé To His Greatest Nemesis


Rick Gates is going to get on the stand and say, ‘Let me tell ya. His intentions were to commit crimes.’”

Sounds like Manny has problems to me.


Just leaving this one here:

Maybe Gates doesn’t even get to testify. I’ve been in the “Manafort doesn’t flip” camp because bad things happen to peeps who say bad things about our foreign interlopers, but maybe jail doesn’t suit him, as in he never gets to wear his expensive suits.


Hmmmmm…curiouser and curiouser.


Marcy’s take:


NPR has been driving me crazy recently since every time they refer to the Manafort trial, they say, “Well, it sounds like this is about money laundering and has nothing to do with Russian collusion…”. Without mentioning that this money laundering involved vast sums of Russian money flowing to Manafort. Some of the very same money channels that were funneling money into trump’s real estate during the exact same time period.


First of many Flippers…


Will this trial of Paul Manafort also lead to the Manafort crime family in New Britain, Conn. that is arguably the most powerful and wealthy mob family in the state? The Manafort’s are feared in Conn. and while they’ve yet to be busted, they’ve bumped off adversaries over the years and especially in the 70’s and 80’s as they made their moves to corner such markets in the state as the trash disposal business.


Exactly. But remember Donald Trump’s tweet or statement a couple of weeks ago to the effect that Manafort’s case is “like Al Capone?”
After managing to assassinate the witnesses against him on other charges, Capone was finally convicted and jailed on Tax charges. So, we all know that when Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannitty, Alan Dershowitz, Fat Joe DeGenova, Lou Dobbs and all the other Trump sychophants are bitching about Mueller prosecuting Manafort on these charges, rather than a smoking gun Russia-Trump Campaign Conspiracy, is comparable to convicting Al Capone on tax charges instead of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. It just ain’t fair!


Nice article, @tierney_megan


“How ‘xxx’ Went From ‘yyy’s’ Protégé To His Greatest Nemesis”

Seems I’ve seen & heard this story quite a few times. It never turns out well for ‘yyy’


Hate that there are going to be some big time delays in reporting from trial due to restrictions on electronics.

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So they met while he interned with Roger Stone…
Hoping this is just a warm up for future events!


I hope Manafort has forfeited his bond because he violated the terms of his bail by trying to intimidate witnesses. Traitors like Rick Gates should be locked up in Guantanomo as well.

Much of the evidence prosecutors are putting forward is what lawyers call a “document case,” i.e. the financial records showing where millions of dollars have traveled and whether or not those cash-flows were properly disclosed or subjected to taxes under federal law.

On the one hand, such evidence is hard for Manafort’s attorneys to dispute — “because really hard to cross examine a document,” Cotter said— but it could be boring or difficult for jurors to follow.

Well I hope in voir dire they asked potential jurors “Do like white boards? How about post-it notes and colored string?”


It’s just as well. We have to find some time to work so that we can afford more tax cuts for Mnuchin.


When government support was taken away from NPR, that left a funding void that was filled by right wing groups and voila! NPR ain’t what it used to be.


How do we know Trump is shitting his pants and suffering increasing agitation over Manafort’s trial beginning and the ludicrous clownshow admission festival Rudy engaged in yesterday? Litmus test:

Yep, he’s picking that scab and beating that racist, white Christian nationalist drum again…this time speaking directly to their fantasies of not just blocking Global Browning from entering the country, but of literally trying to undo it by booting out the brown folks. He’s also apparently attacking the NFL’s controversial attempt to mandate players’ obedient participation in the DOD’s paid-for nationalist pantomimes before every game, saying that it’s not good enough…even though it’s already been recognized by most people as extremist nonsense. As Manafort’s debacle continues and the noose tightens further, look for him to beat this drum harder and faster to incite and enrage his racist methbilly base. I expect him to reach a fevered pace with it that would shame even John Bonham.


Yes, but it’s not quite as clear cut as that quote makes it seem. It’s really hard to get testimony in that goes towards “intentions.” I expect that it will be stricken if Gates were to just say what that quote says. It’s a pretty basic rule of evidence that a witness can’t know and testify to what was in another person’s mind. You have to have him present all the evidence that shows Manafort’s intentions…specific actions he took and conversations that fall under an exemption to the hearsay rule, etc. They certainly know what they’re doing and will get it all in…and I have no doubt it will make a compelling case as to Manafort’s intent…but I cringed a little when I read that quote.


a $300,000 delinquency on Manafort’s credit card

These people really do live in a different world.