Discussion: With All Precincts Reporting, Iowa Dems Show Clinton As Caucus Winner

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Clinton received 48.9 percent support and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) received 49.6 percent

Think you swapped the numbers Caitlin.


“Clinton declared victory in the caucus early Tuesday morning when the party was still waiting for results from a final precinct.”

I guess TPM was watching MSNBC last night. SHE never claimed victory - Andrea Mitchell reported that she heard someone from her campaign staff did. In her speech she never claimed victory


Congrats to Hillary.


If there was anything at stake beyond media spin this election would be a candidate for a recount. Congratulations to both Hillary and Bernie. Ya done good.


Even if Clinton won, it feels like a win for Bernie. He has done far better than most would have expected when he entered the race. If he wins New Hampshire, which is likely, it will be interesting to see how the coverage of the Democratic presidential race changes. Not taking anything away from Hillary though. She is still my preferred candidate and I think she pulls out the nomination in the long run.


She did what she need to do, not lose, and by doing so becomes the first Clinton, and the first female to win the Iowa Caucus. Well done. And to Bernie as well. Good run.

Onward to NH.


Its actually 49.86% to 49.57


A very nice win for both candidates (IMHO).

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“Congratulations to both Hillary and Bernie. Ya done good.”

Class on our side all around compared to the classless sophomoric sewage sops for the most part among the leaders the other side.


What happens to O’Malleys 8 ‘votes’ now he is out ? Are they free to choose where they go ? If they go to Sanders, he wins…

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Does Iowa still have the asinine system of having delegates pay to participate in the caucus? Something like a mini-version of the Electoral College?

Good thing for Hillary that pizza delivery guy showed up and decided to caucus.

Seriously, it’s a tie and that means the discussion will continue. I’m not sure what that means for the final outcome, but I like it.


Seriously, she won, is it that hard to choke it out?

49.6 is bigger than 48.9, not by much, but it is.

They fought hard, they both did great, but there is a winner, and it is Hillary Clinton, she deserves the recognition that comes with it, not a sour grapes ‘they basically tied’.


Considering the MSM has done everything to disparage and/or ignore Sanders’ candidacy, that’s a very impressive showing. I also wonder what the numbers would’ve been had O’Malley not been in the race.


Did you forget the Super Delegates?


But it is slightly ominous, if The Candidate everyone expected to win 12 months ago, ties with a relatively late entrant. Almost a loss for Clinton, in my opinion.


Eh, yes… pray tell !

I didn’t even turn on the tv until late in the game. On MSNBC Mitchell was going on a rant about how badly the Clinton camp had blown it by not working the rope line as they left headquarters after Hillary’s speech. She was really agitated about that on top of her earlier saying that Mrs. Clinton had declared victory when in fact she hadn’t. Some real animosity from Mrs Greenspan towards Hillary Clinton that I don’t understand.


“Seriously, it’s a tie and that means the discussion will continue. I’m not sure what that means for the final outcome,…”

Right. And this was a caucus not a primary that would involve a much larger and a somewhat less engaged electorate overall. However Hillary showed she can win even in a lily white state among super voters. The challenge for Bernie is whether he can do the same in a more demographically and culturally diverse state with a greater percent of non super voters.