Discussion: Why Didn't Dems Go After Trump's Tax Returns With Both Guns Blazing?

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It’s obvious that Trump believes there are problems with his returns, otherwise he wouldn’t be prioritizing IRS appointments.


The law is so clear and the precedent so strong that I doubt even Gorsuch or Roberts would side with Trump in this case.

Upon written request from the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, the chairman of the Committee on Finance of the Senate, or the chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Secretary shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request, except that any return or return information which can be associated with, or otherwise identify, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer shall be furnished to such committee only when sitting in closed executive session unless such taxpayer otherwise consents in writing to such disclosure.

That law was written specifically for the purpose of allowing Congress to see the President’s taxes and it’s been used to do so in the past. There’s nothing really open to interpretation here.


I wouldn’t place too much hope in the IRS coughing up the tax returns. We don’t have a rule of law, remember.

On the other hand, my state senator is taking a steps at the state level:


But from Trump’s point of view, he sees the stated purpose of education for legislative purposes as a total waste of time. Because he knows that any legislative action that is taken that would raise his taxes is something that he would veto. But… that is a completely different problem.

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Why Didn’t Dems Go After Trump’s Tax Returns With Both Guns Blazing?

Because Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Nancy Pelosi. If it was not for him, the Democrats in House would still be in the minority, and she would not be Speaker.

So she is slow-walking everything. They still have not subpoenaed the Mueller Report.

The only reason that the Democrats have ever won the House back in this century is because of blow-back against unpopular Republican Presidents. First George W. Bush in 2006 and then Trump in 2016.

Trump is Pelosi’s gravy train, and she knows it.

We need more and better Democrats.

Having listened to David Kay Johnson, Tim O’Brien et al – bringing sunlight and professional review to the Drumpf KKKlan’s personal and corporate tax records creates the biggest threat and liabilities to his empire. And that of the estate which he hopes to pass on to his entitled incompetent grifter shitbag offspring. The law is very clear, Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal has every right to request and see the documents. The measured request is perfectly sculpted for the inevitable legal challenge. VP Rockefeller, Nixon and Ford all had to hand over returns for Congressional review. Precedent is there and Drumpf will lose in court. He has no case. No constitutional argument for the Supremes to hear. Drumpf will try but he will lose, it is only a matter of time. And it is for this reason why I think it was clear Drumpf never EVER expected to win. He runs a small family crime syndicate that managed to stay under the radar and with high prices lawyers and NDA’s keep eyes off the returns. The moment he won, and then the Dems took the House he was fucked. And this is now just dawning on him. This is going to dog him and his vile kids long after he is out of office. The Feds may hold back until 2020 due to lacky leadership, but the State of NY will tear into him as soon as they establish grounds via the congressional oversight.

Winning in 2016 may prove to be the end of his empire… if he doesn’t destroy the United States first.

And kudos Mick Mulvaney’s boast ‘Dems Will ‘Never’ See Trump’s Tax Return’. He knows how to keep his job – just vomit out on the TV machine what the boss wants to hear! He may be the early favourite for the 2019 Bagdad Bob award.


A few schools of thought on what “dawns” on Donnie Moscow.

  1. He’s known all along taxes were his achilles heel which is why Turdle rushed in a toadie to run IRS.
  2. He doesn’t want them released as that would be a win for the dems, and his schoolyard bully brain only works in a win-lose universe; dems getting taxes means he’s a loser.
  3. [less likely] Referring to number 1, he may believe he can effectively shield their release somehow. Panda Barr and DOJ flying monkeys make some crazy ass arguments and the whole can gets kicked down the road until he leaves office and retires to a dacha on the Black Sea.

He might have slipped the collusion and obstruction charges, but he can’t escape good ol’ fashioned tax fraud.


In the video below, guess which one is you, and guess which one Nancy Pelosi is:


Capone had syphilis too


On the one hand: Correlation is not causation.

On the other: Hmm . . .


If you really think that Pelosi is trying to cynically help Trump in order to secure her own power, you’re a troubled individual. Or perhaps not a very bright one. Or both.


There are many in this administration competing for this award, will we have enough shoes to throw once the winner is announced?


Clickbait/Handwringing article aimed at (handwringing) Democrats.

The article headline asks the question (in a way that says, “HEY! You Democrats are WUSSES!!!”) and answers it in the fourth paragraph after a few hundred words.


As some smart tax pundit suggested a few nights ago, it is not so much that Drumpf believes there are problems with his returns, these could appear to be on the up and up – it is what the other organizations and entities and LLCs have listed as monies in / monies out now THAT is going to most likely cause the two time convicted tax cheat Drumpf some sleepless nights. And deservedly so.

Access to his taxes and the umbrella orgs and LLCs that he controls will allow for a proper forensic accounting and one can only imagine the shell games, dodges, underreporting and cheating that gone on.

The only question is how loyal will Allen Weisselberg (CFO) of The Trump Organization at aged 71 going to be?

Drumpf will throw him under the bus asap. Cohen as my lawyer should have known political contribution laws etc etc. Weisselberg as the accountant should have known tax law. I trusted both of them. I am disappointed by their lack of professionalism and ethics. Why should I be punished for their crimes?

Not hard to imagine this blather emanating from Ghoulialini’s mouthhole on the TV machine.


For once the Democrats are not going to go off half cocked! They are doing things with exact precision and by having Trump fight them every step of the way it makes people (not his cult) wonder what is he hiding.


And they will silently both go away… :laughing:

The tax returns will be a smorgasbord of scandals, which even if they aren’t illegal, should be.


So here’s my dirty secret that perhaps I share with some others: I don’t come here for the articles. The stories provide a context for the discussions, which is what my membership pays for, access to a lively and largely literate community of folks concerned about much of the same shit that I am.

It works for me anyway, YMMV.

In fairness there is plenty of insightful work here, and I’m likely missing out on a lot of it by flying past it to the comments. Some articles are unfortunately just melon splats on the sidewalk.