Discussion: White House Budget Director: 'Insurance Is Not Really The End Goal Here' (VIDEO)

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With that kind of financial insight, I wouldn’t trust this douchebag to cash in my loose change at the bank.


I nearly fell off my chair when I read this. So, how are “ordinary people” going to be able to afford to go to the doctor without insurance?

Are they dropping doctors’ pay to minimum wage? A minimum wage earner might just then be able to pay for 15 mins of a doctor’s time…

Are they discontinuing pharma CEOs bonuses and channeling that money into doctors’ pockets so that people can pay the doctors less?

WTF??? How stupid do they think we are, anyway?

(rhetorical question)


“So we’re choosing instead to look at what we think is more important to ordinary people: Can they afford to go to the doctor? And we are convinced it will be possible for more people to get better care at the doctor under this this plan than it was under Obamacare.”

OK. How will this bill do that exactly? Does it limit what Doctors and Hospitals can charge?


Um, wait. So according to Mulvaney, the idea here is that it will somehow be cheaper/easier to go to the doctor if you don’t have any insurance?



How does giving people a refundable tax credit, make it more affordable to go to the doctor? If I can now (magically) pay less to go to the doctor, but cannot afford the insurance to see said doctor, I may not be able to afford the procedures and tests the doctor thinks I need. We haven’t heard it yet, but anyone want to bet the answer to that dilemma is “shop around”?
Sorry, but a lot of places won’t touch you without insurance. So while this dumbass is saying insurance is really not the goal, he HAS great insurance, and certainly will not switch to this (even though he could afford it). He should talk to his boss or HHS Sec about the goal, because it seems like the entire GOP is claiming different goals.

This is nothing more than a huge tax break for insurance execs and the rich.


Can’t oppose the idea of bringing down the cost of actual care, as long as it doesn’t mean going back to cupping and leeches. But how will the Republican gimcrack do that? I don’t have a clue. AND NEITHER DO THEY.


The whole Trump administration is a mass of chaff.


Later email from Paul Ryan:

Dear Mick,

Ixnay on the uckingfay of the eoplepay. It’s supposed to be a surprise.




GOP Senate candidate Sharon Angle in Nevada suggested a kind of barter arrangement between patients and doctors to save money. He’ll remove that tumor on your liver and you’ll give his car a really nice wash-n-wax. Chickens may have come up in the conversation as well.


Here is how TrumpLand Insurance guarantees a perfect score: First, shoot the arrow. Second, draw the target around the arrow. Third, declare a bullseye. Success!


No, you give him YOUR car.


I have often wondered how anyone could still be a Republican, given what the party has become. Now I think I have an answer. Their reasoning skills are seriously lacking. Apparently this man has absolutely no idea that his argument makes no sense at all.


The next step is to stop collecting statistics on the uninsured. Currently the major source is the NCHS within the CDC. One of those wasteful government agencies to which the literary theories of Jacques Derrida need to be applied, the sooner the better.


A battle of two competing storylines from the Clueless in Chief.

Trump Promised Cheaper Insurance For Everyone. Price Says That’s ‘The Goal’

White House Budget Director: ‘Insurance Is Not Really The End Goal Here’


Same level of consistency as the administration showed yesterday when Tom Price said their proposal was a “work in progress” and Mike Pence said “This is the bill.” (i.e. take it or leave it). They really don’t have their shit together.


Well, he obviously has access to some interesting drugs.


“We’re looking at it in a different way, Mark, because insurance is not really the end goal here, is it?” Mulvaney responded.

And Halperin, as is his wont, pressed back hard on Mulvaney.


Heres the thing. The GOP claim to voters that cost will decrease relies on the assumption that if you make the insurance industry more profitable it will drive consumer costs down. Which is bullshit b/c what their really doing is shifting what was public money into the hands of wall street and the wealthy at wage earners expense.

Remember that insurance was more profitable when people used emergency rooms for health care visits and the industry shifted this burden to insurance comsumers through higher premiums…