Discussion: When Narratives Collide: Dems Unite With Anti-Deep State GOPers To Demand Docs

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As Stephen Colbert was saying last night - what the hell kind of Deep State do we have that they are so incompetent they couldn’t make a dent in the most compromised president of all time?

We need a better Deep State. These guys are apparently morons.


“The path forward requires us to identify the origins of an
investigation that deceitfully undermined America’s faith in our
democracy and distracted us from our actual enemy,” he added.

I assume that by “our actual enemy” he meant the Democrats.


“Whatever may be responsible for this change of heart, I welcome their new-found interest in transparency and oversight,” Nadler said. “I certainly do not oppose efforts to learn more about whether, in fact, such discussions occurred and, if so, what prompted such alarm among Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. McCabe, as well as other FBI officials, that they would consider these unprecedented actions.”

Chairman Nadler’s playing 11-dimensional mahjong; Collins is just playing with himself.


O I agree with that completely. Collins walked right into Nadler’s little trap. hahaha


If we survive as a country these next two years, historians will have a field day for decades delving through this stuff.


Barr will now cherry-pick what is produced in order to feed the Deep-State conspiracy nonsense and further the Trump victimhood narrative.


Republicans appear to have the narrative on their side right now, though not the facts. A smarter Party would take the “win” and run away from the investigation as fast as possible, because I continue to believe we haven’t been told the whole truth. It’s simply impossible there wasn’t conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia on some levels.


I’m in a deep state . . depression!


I feel ya.

I don’t plan on staying in this state however.


Exactly, and this time it will have the patina of bipartisan support. I hope the Democrats have a larger strategy in mind.


Bi-partisanship breaks out!

No, no, no. The “Deep State” is not Trump and his morons, err, minions. The Deep State is the institutions of government that have kept things rolling on a more-or-less even keel these past two years. They include the professionals in the Justice Department (think about the Southern District), the military and the intelligence agencies, who have remained relatively independent of and immune to Trump.


Yep. This was just plain stupid on Nadler’s part. Barr controls the narrative and the information that feeds it. He’s controlled the narrative so far with a 4 page letter that will someday, when we finally have a Dem POTUS again, be shown to have been a giant whitewash lie and faulty legal reasoning, and he’s controlling the narrative right now by not having released the full unredacted report and all the backup yet. Anyone that thinks this is going to backfire on the GOP because Barr is going to hand over all sorts of documents that show people legitimately expressing legitimate concerns over legitimately gathered evidence is fooling themselves. If nothing else, he wil default to “go fuck yourselves, you get nothing” in order to help the Deep State conspiracy nonsense stay alive.


This is such a good move by Nadler.

With Emmett Flood leaving, the Dems demanding the Mueller Report by April 2nd and threatening subpoenas if there is non-compliance, and GOPers now voting for more transparency to screw over Rosenstein (and given his two faced nature on this entire probe I’m ok with him getting scrutinized (bad at the bookends, decent to good in the middle, but we wonder how many things he shutdown that Mueller or his attys wanted to probe)), we’re slowly starting to see the pieces moving for full disclosure of the Mueller Report. The Quinnipiac poll also helps. No one outside of the beltway media is buying the notion that Barr’s letter is the Mueller report.

At a high level, I think it’s good for the whole truth to be aired out.


Darlin, it’s a joke.

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Whaaatt? Can’t be …

Oh wait…


Not even the right way either. He thinks he needs to use a squash racket for some reason

Somebody at DOJ really needs a dictionary…


Is Mueller talking to Schiff? Of all the people who would be Ballistic about the Phony Barr Letter, I would have thought that Schiff would be the mostest.

And yet, I have not seen much on Schiff lately.

ETA I also noticed that the Felix (Trump Will Die In Prison) Sater Open testimony to Congress for this Thursday has been postponed because of the Mueller situation (I look at that as a good thing and indicative of Schiff in action)

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