Discussion: What We Know About The Gunman Who Was Sold On The 'Pizzagate' Conspiracy

We know he’s white…cause he’s still alive.


Read the whole post but never saw the term “complete fucking idiot.” Oversight?


I think it’s a conclusion most readers can be expected to draw for themselves.


Why can’t they say “Radical Conspiracy Terrorist?”


So this methbilly ran over a kid named Kenyatta despite it being avoidable? Yeah, they are who we think they are.


Now go easy because these people get really really mad when you accuse them of racism. They might vote for Trump again if we’re not nicer, just to nyaah-nyaah us again.


Well, he ‘felt’ it might be true, and we know, according to various Trumpettes, that feelings matter more than facts, so of course he shot up a pizza parlor.


I’m having “HILLARY WAS RIGHT! #deplorable” bumper stickers made.


And to think that Trump was this close to appointing this NeoNazipatriot as head of the FBI.

Wasn’t this Christian Wrong vigilante supposed to be marry one of the Duck Dynasty clan this weekend but decided it would be more fun to shoot at kids at a pizza parlor a la Newtown? Once you start cruising around looking for minority kids to hit and run, it’s your vocation in life as a white conservative sociopath with more guns than the local police force.

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Can we just get someone to hack InfoWars with an article “OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HIDES DELICIOUS TASTE OF ELECTRICITY FROM PUBLIC!”

Or, better yet, just send Alex Jones some newsy-looking articles and he’ll post them himself.


Welcome to the “felon” club asshole.

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What we know (cont.): He has more bullets than brains.


Facts should never get in the way of a fascist. Too many of these white conservatives see the End of World everywhere.

And that’s a fact…that must be ignored.

So, I guess he’s related to an occasional screenwriter? The Mill, on which Edgar was credited as production assistant & storyboard artist, was written by Harry L Welch Jr - whose only other IMDB credit is as a writer on a potential movie not yet in production. Also appearing in that movie was a Blaire Welch. Sounds like a bit of a family affair.

All of the credits on Edgar’s IMDB profile were filmed in North Carolina. One of them is estimated to have had a budget of $500. Another has Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen and DMX in it, but the budget was still only $7 million (how is that even possible?). The only one where he appears on screen, he’s an extra in a crowd scene. Calling this person an “actor” is batshit bugfucking insanity.


Question for you lawyer types: Can Alex Jones be sued for damages in a case like this? I know that the SPLC used this tactic to bankrupt some well-known white supremacist organizations in the 1990s. Surely there have to be some consequences for deliberately spreading untruths that result in harm to other people?


When it’s a bearded white guy who likes to pose with guns that’s just assumed.

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These include charges of possession of up to half an ounce of marijuana, possession of controlled substances, driving while intoxicated, and driving with an open container of alcohol.

Hmmm, that rap sheet describes pretty much several of my daily waking hours in the late 60s and 70s (minus the criminal charges). It must be hell growing up in these times.

There’s that pesky 1st amendment, phillydave.