Discussion: What Congressional Republicans' Snub Of Obama's Budget Really Says

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More proof that Obama is to blame for the discord in Washington DC. Why didn’t he just give the GOP the budget they wanted?


They are just taking their cues from the front-runner for their Presidential nomination. The lack of respect shown by him for, well, pretty much everyone, is appalling, but it wins the most support in the Republican party right now.


“When I examine the GOP’s mistreatment of Barack Obama in the historical context of presidential scrutiny, I can only assume there are some deep, racial motivations behind their actions," one senior staffer to a Congressional Black Caucus member said. “Republican leadership has long tried to disguise the racial undertones employed by some of their colleagues, but I think it’s painfully clear the disdain many have for President Obama comes from a dark place.”

There it is.

The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.


The 114th.
The Stars and Bars Congress.


These are evil people, and evil people must be destroyed if good people are to thrive.


Republicans = Morons. Duh!


is there such a thing as a REmoron? …some sort of bloodsucking serial moron?

Speaker Ryan has folded, folks Nothing to see here. So much for governing. His hands are “clean” allowing the suspect chairmen to deal the blows. Let’s just call him Pontius Pilate. The media needs to get off their honeymoon with the “new kind of Speakership”. The GOP’s disrespect needs to be roundly condemned.


so, would that make the Tea Party Congressmen the MOB crying for crucifixion??

Sounds accurate.


all three of em’?

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If you are not kidding, then you have issues.

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“led to the worst economic recovery in modern times”

So, the Bush/Cheney almost-depression recession isn’t the issue, the slow recovery because of Republican Congressional obstruction is?

And it is Obama’s fault?

They carelessly break something precious, right in front of everyone’s open eyes, and turn around and blame someone else for it…they break the economy and when someone patches it back together, they try to blame the fixer for the break in the first place.

If not for their thinly veiled racial prejudice, the Tea mob wouldn’t be so easily moved to hate our President and so easily fall for this projection of guilt from the vile to the valiant.


This is what Democrats staying home in 2010 and 2014 got them – not only a Republican-controlled Congress, but Republican-controlled gerrymandering that created House districts so heavily Republican that they can get away with conduct like this. In fact, many Republicans have to show this “disrespect” to Obama or they’ll have to deal with a primary challenge that will be more challenging than the general election.


point is, there IS no Republican plan, just as with ACA policy, and more solid proof they have prejudice, not logic or reason, at the core of their reactionary responses.

They prove every time they pose obstructions without a plan that they aren’t there to govern they are there to obstruct.

They completely misunderstood what Nancy Reagan meant when she said “Just Say NO!”.

Now that is all they are capable of doing, because they have no valid values of their own, and can’t show any worthy accomplishment from their $100/bbl Big Oil Bush White House. except the burgeoning wealth of already-wealthy people.

In essence, they have replaced their own failure with Barrack Obama, because they can’t see their own ugly faces in the mirror of responsibility without entertaining some well-deserved moments of self-loathing.


We need a concerted campaign to reflag the Republican Party as the Radicals they are, vice the Conservatives they claim to be.


“The worst economic recovery in modern times” is still a whole lot better then crashing the economy. They are still trying to pretend Bush 43 never happened, besides its becauseThe GOP has obstructed every thing Obama has tried to do.


this the starting line for the GOP’s victory lap for keeping Obama a 2 term president.


Conversely, this is a larger reflection of just how little conservatism has to offer ‘we the people’.
Because the opportunities will soon be gone-- these are the actions of a racist ® Congress, snidely ginning-up their rabid base, by short-shrifting a popular black POTUS.

The lens through which they view this nation is flawed. This optic is proof.
Redistricting in 2020 will be the final nail in this party’s coffin.



Let’s do a natural experiment next year and see whether the Chairmen show President Sanders any more respect.