Discussion: WH Stands Behind Ronny Jackson As Senate Committee Eyes Allegations

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“He’s served as the physician to three Presidents — Republican and Democrat — and been praised by them all.

I have no doubt that he’s a capable physician and fearless to boot. After all he has seen tRump’s asshole.

You can put nincompoops and maladroits in charge of Energy, Education, HHS, Commerce and HUD but not the Veterans Administration.

As one who served I want to have a proven administrator be placed in charge of caring for my sisters and brothers in arms, not a capable physician.


What the fuck choice do they have. Jackson is the only medical professional who has ever said the Asshole-elect, aka Cadet Bone Spur, is OK mentally. Sad.


Tomorrow’s Headline

White House Telling Republicans To Tone Down Jackson Defenses


“WH stands behind Ronny Jackson…”

He can’t lose…


“He cooly dodged questions about the allegations.”

What the hell does that mean?


And the difference b/w this situation and Pruitt’s is…

  • Donny got no personal loyalty to Pruitt
  • They have to cater to the sociopathic infant who wants his own doctor complicit & conspiring
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This is one thing: a person with narcissistic personality disorder who is obsessively avoiding shame by denying any problem could exist. If Jackson ever did good things, he could never do bad things. Kelly had nothing to do with this approach to the problem with Jackson, and is sitting in his office with the door closed, staring out the window, thinking about past happinesses and wondering how it all could have come to this.


Jackson has had issues with “excessive drinking on the job” and “improperly dispensing meds.”

I loved him as that “Take a pill!” pharmacist guy on ABC’s “Fridays”, back in the '80s.

Anybody know why he gave up his late-night comedy career for the Navy?

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Would you put day drinking under “Experience” or “Special Skills”?” - Jessica Jones [MCU TV]


He’s no Dr. Spacemann


They are standing behind him. The question is, How far behind? Close enough to shoot him in the back?


Carson was a capable physician also. It doesn’t mean he translates to a capable administrator. This administration is like a Mickey Rooney movie, “hey kids lets put on a show!”. It doesn’t matter if capable just start it on the way to ruin. The President will continue to shove the incompetents down our throats. So far he has been successful.The Republicans have been salivating for years to privatize the VA and Post Office and it sure as hell isn’t to improve them. They are like corporate raiders who will take what is good and dump what they think isn’t. I am a vet who uses the VA health system for 60 years along with the private systems, and their services have been the equal or better than private systems. It is people who have never used it that do all the criticizing and want some of the gravy.


When DT stands behind somebody he can use his impressive bulk to easily push them under the bus. Standing anywhere else would exceed his physical capabilities.

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This one?

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Except those kids had * actual talent*. That’s the difference - and the show wasn’t meant to bring down the world’s proudest democracy - at least, that’s not how I remember the plots going…


Kelly could escape through that window. If it’s any higher than the first floor, I would suggest he jump from it.


The White House support for Ronny Jackson is as firm as seaweed under water.


“I’m looking forward to the hearing so we can sit down and I can explain everything to everyone and answer all the senators’ questions,” he said Tuesday, adding that there was “no” inspector general report about the allegations.

And no collusion!
Don’t forget to mention there was absolutely no collusion.


“excessive drinking on the job”

As compared to what?

What is permissible drinking on the job running a medical office?