Discussion: WATCH: Carly Fiorina Fails To Correct Man Who Calls Obama A 'Black Muslim'

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C-word!! C-word!! C-word!!


Another gutless republican uninterested in the truth. She needs all the wacko votes she can get. Shame on you Carly for more proof of your lack of integrity.


These fucking cowards. A black muslim? Have the stones to call him what you really want to call him! Show the world who you really are, you redneck, inbred, hillbilly shitbags. See? It’s not too difficult to say what you want to say.


“He doesn’t want this country to get ahead,” the man said as Fiorina started to turn toward another table. “He doesn’t. He’s a Muslim. He’s a black Muslim.”

And Carly Fiorina is a hater of the middle-class and poor. She is also a white bitch with an ugly heart. What’s your point, rude, ignorant man?


Just one of the many reasons it’d suck to be a Republican politician these days. Had she pushed back against any of this, he would have dismissed her immediately as a fool, and if word got out that she doesn’t think Obama is a Muslim dictator; she’d sink in the polls. So she says nothing and looks like she tolerates loons.

And this isn’t going to stop until Republican leaders finally band together and actively push back against the crazy. But it’s just a variation of the prisoner’s dilemma. As long as there’s a Republican candidate willing to feed the crazies, the rest of them will become part of the meal unless they play along too. And with guys like Trump and Carson, they’re not only happy to feed the crazies but are eagerly feasting along with them.

And there’s no end in sight for this. The louder the crazies are, the more they push away the moderates, which only make the crazies louder. And the only solution is for Republicans to finally let the craziest of the crazies split off and aim for the middle. But that won’t happen until after they lose in 2016, and likely not until they lose in 2020.


Amen. I mean how Carly? HOW? EXPLAIN HOW HE DOESN’T WANT THIS COUNTRY TO GET AHEAD? YOU PIECE OF SHIT! They speak in this vague vernacular that is only designed to do one thing–push the hate buttons of the feeble minded and hateful. Call me weak willed, but I couldn’t wake up and do that every morning. The taste for ultimate power must be beyond my comprehension…


“Anybody other than the dictator we got up there now. And I mean that. He is a dictator.”

Said the man to Fiorina who was there to discuss with him and others her bid to replace the “dictator” in the 2016 election, an election in which the “dictator” will be unable to participate by virtue of his reaching the “dictator” term limit.


Same here. I couldn’t do that. I like good sleep too much and if I acted as Carly and the others do I’d never sleep well again. Plus, my integrity means the world to me.


Clearly Carly will do anything (or in this case - ignore anything) to position herself with the crazies - so, here is the devious challenge - convince her that she will go up 7 point in the polls, if, at the next debate she walks over and field-goal kicks Trump right in the crotch on live TV!


“Hes a Muslim. He’s a black Muslim”, says the diner.

As if weren’t enough to call Obama a Muslim, most helpfully he just had to point out that, oh dear God, he’s also BLACK. The racism, not to mention religious bigotry, just oozes out of this guy. There’s no talking sense to him.


Yes. We should by all means replace the “Black Muslim” with a “White Bitch.”

By the way only one those descriptions is accurate.


“Well, time to do something different in many ways…”

“…please see one of my campaign aides after my appearance and they’ll be sure to provide you your payment.”


Now the next time Carly in on Meet the Press or other talk shows, will anyone call her out on this? Of course not. “Never upset a Teabagger” is their creed.


Yup. There it is, right there, folks. The Republican base. They’ve voted in every election since they were old enough to vote and they’ll vote right up until the day the plug is pulled. These are the people who elect our whole government when Democrats are too busy, too inattentive, too unconcerned, too laden with despair, too disappointed at their failure to receive their pony, too convinced they’re all just alike, or just too goddamn lazy to vote.

I get that time is money and that time lost voting is money a lot of Democrats feel they can’t afford to lose. And I know all about voter ID and suppresion. But people fucking died for the right to vote again and again and many more have died because Democrats were too fucking busy playing with their phones to vote.

Sermon over.


Have some sympathy. If you expect Carly Fiorina verbally to correct her supporters each time one of them makes a racist comment about Obama, she’ll ruin years of plastic surgery through overuse of her facial muscles.


Well, she is white and it’s been proven time and again she is one hell of a stone-cold bitch … so. It’s accurate.


“What does ‘Dictator’ mean, sir?”


LOL…so true…love that phrase haha “dictator term limit” lol. But let’s be honest here: there’s nothing Obama could’ve done to not be called a dictator by these racist honky crackas. As I like to say (repeatedly haha), this is really just a way for them to express the sentiment of “ain’t no uppity n-bomb gonna run my white country or tell me what to do.” Obama could go on TV to ask them nicely to please donate to charity to celebrate the Christmas holiday and they’d be out on the front lawn, loaded on egg nog, meth and Limbaugh, firing their shotguns in the air yelling “who the fuck does he think he is???”


What a f^cking nasty little viper she is.