Discussion: WaPo: Stone Met During Campaign With Russian National Offering Clinton Dirt

Another one bites the dust.


Stone told the Post he rejected the officer, saying that Trump “doesn’t pay for anything.”

Well at least Roger Stone can be honest about something.


No collusion! No Collusion! No Collusion!
Except for every one surrounding and on the periphery of the Trump campaign.

Next up
Russian cash to the NRA filtered down to Republican Senate and House candidates.
That’s why they are so desperate to find out what Mueller knows
Dirty lying dogs
All of them
Go Mueller


Someone connected to Donald Trump lied? Knock me over with a feather.


Stone told the Post he rejected the officer, saying that Trump “doesn’t pay for anything.”

Just ask any contractor in the tri-state area.


Oh like this means anything, Stone was the coffee guys, coffee guy. Trump doesn’t even know the guy and hasn’t said 2 words to him. He’s a total nobody, obviously there’s no collusion


So Stone suddenly remembers details of this meeting AFTER it’s reported by the media? Figures.


Stone has been a corrupt, slithery creep since birth, and will remain so until his death.


EXACTLY! The GOP is currently and collectively wetting its pants.


I have two thoughts.

First, I think that anyone taking this at face value is crazy. Why would anyone believe anything Roger Stone says? It also fits much too conveniently into the FBI persecution narrative Trump has been pushing.

Second, I think the Trump “doesn’t pay for anything” statement is not going to be particularly helpful in the context of the NYS AG’s lawsuit against the Trump Foundation.


Sounds like collusion to me.

My favorite part:
Caputo’s attorney, …sent a letter to the House Intelligence Committee Friday correcting earlier testimony about whether he was ever offered information about Clinton by a Russian. He also told the paper he would tell the DOJ inspector general about the meeting, as well. Stone’s attorney, Stone told the Post, “has done the same.”

Had Caputo also lied Mueller about this meeting before they asked him about it directly?


The Trump crime syndicate is like the old adage about roaches: for every one you see, there are 15 behind the wall. We’re only seeing the roaches brazen enough to scuttle out from under the fridge. Just imagine what’s going on in the bowels of Trumpville. This might be an apt graphic for Team Mueller:


Yeah. I said to myself, well, that checks, at least.

But seriously folks all of these people are obviously lying because that’s what these people do. The only way to even attempt to wring useful information out of their lies is to ask yourself why they’re telling these particular lies. There’s an obvious pattern emerging of the Russkies doing a series of what Mueller’s people will immediately recognize as “dangles” to see who’s willing to color outside the lines. Seems like everyone was, pretty much. Intriguing how Mr. Bag Man Cohen was traveling around in Europe late in the process, after this contact and after the Trump Tower meeting. At some point the actual deal was struck. Hmm hmm hmm.


But the Trump Foundation might have cut a check or two.


That the Trumpstone Kops didn’t want to pay 2 million for the info is laudable thrift - Scrooge would be pround. But it’s also apparent that the Kops were looking for dirt on Clinton and the Russians were an obvious source of it. Perhaps the Israelis too. How does Cohen fit into this?

And also, did the IG report fail to go into the FBI NYO leaks because Mueller asked them not to because it’s an active criminal investigation? Just a thought.


Pro tip, Stone: if Mueller hasn’t interviewed you, it’s because you’re a target. Conspiracy against the USA, asshole.


Of course nothing Stone says should be believed but I think in time he’s going to sequentially tell the truth about this. His answer seems contrived and intended on shifting the focus from him meeting with a Russian ( after having said he’s never done so ) to the Russian being a nutcase. I’m sure this Russian dude was well known to all the American players in this mess and they took him seriously. I doubt it was about money either. Let’s give it a week.


Rudy is on one of the sunday morning shows right now saying this proves there was no collusion. The person sitting across from him just sounds bored and isn’t bothering to follow up.


This part did, though, give me pause:

Though the Post reported there’s no evidence that Greenberg was working on the FBI’s behalf in the meeting, the paper said it had reviewed a 2015 immigration filing for the same man using a different name, Henry Oknyansky, in which he claimed to have provided information to the FBI for 17 years.