Discussion: Walker Under Fire From GOP Over 'Crap Budget' As He Hits 2016 Travel Circuit

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Is there anyone more odious on today’s political scene than Scott Walker? He even eclipses Mitch McConnell and the Donald.


I am reminding of the scene in Band of Brothers when they were in the Ardennes and return to their original fox holes,only to find that the previous guys took dumps in them while they were out.

That’s Walker to a tee here. He is going to dump all over the state and just walk away. Let someone else clean it up, live in it…he has had his fun.


is this photo op supposed to represent the symbolic driving of the Wisconsin ship of state onto the rocks and shoals?


Wisconsin is the new Kansas. Call it Wiskansas.


The wheel is from the Exxon Valdez. Just so you know.


Of alll the travellers in the Rethuglican presidential clown car, Walker is the most dangerous. He projects competence & success, but at what cost to his state? He has spurned all sorts of components of the modern State, such as education, unions & unionization of police-fire-teachers, he has spewed crap about Kansas-style constriction of spending with tax breaks only for the wealthy (while the middle-class & poor take it in the neck). Why clowns like this, and brownback, were re-elected proves whatever Geo W said about fooling the people twice . . . or whatever it was that asshat said!


Agreed. Worst case scenario I’d rather jeb, maybe even rubio over walker. The man is a craven, anti-intellectual thug.


It’s easier to picture Walker storming the cockpit with a box cutter than residing in the Oval Office. Although the practical effects of either scenario are similar.


Scott Walker, the college dropout, seeks to destroy the U of Wisconsin system…no hard feelings at all from him.


Having your own party against you in your home states doesn’t bode well for Presidential ambitions. He couldn’t win his own state!


Using this metaphor the scatological bequeathals of Bobby Jindal must be voluminous in the extreme.

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Here’s your fiddle, Emperor Nero.

He is not a smarmy self-hater, like Ted Cruz
He is not an overweight bully like Chris Christie
He is not the born-with-a-silver-spoon brother of an imbecile like Jeb Bush
He is not a caricature cowboy saying, “oops” like Rick Perry
He is not a drawling war-monger like Lindsey Graham
He is not a quick-tempered, thin-skinned blind eye-doctor like Rand Paul

He projects none of these things. He projects the bland, Midwestern “everyman” that the Average Voter (the so-called “swing people”) seem to gravitate toward.

Because these Average-Swing-People tend to not pay attention until October of election years, most are unaware of what Walker is doing to Wisconsin. A relatively small state (n population, more known for the Green Bay Packers and dairy farms, Wisconsin is generally “off the radar” to the average joe. Even Bill Murray caricatured the state in the film “Stripes”. He stated that going into Communist Eastern Europe would be “like going into Wisconsin”.

Walker is thoroughly in the hands of the 0.001%. He is capable of dissembling and deflecting with the best of them. And as far as “Presidential Debates”…

If Sarah Palin (who had the cunning of Hermann Goering combined with the brain of Daisy Duck) can last a debate session without the MSM calling her profound ignorance into account, then Walker will be okay.

Right up to the moment of Swearing In.

But by then it will be too late, won’t it?


Average swing voters are neither virulently anti-union, anti-education or anti-intellectual. Portraying Walker as the least worst GOP option is dangerous, it represents the first step in national acceptance.


Scott Walker, at the helm of the good ship Shit Creek.


I quite agree.

WE (those of us in the know) are aware of the Evil of Walker. One of the strengths of Walker (if you call it that) is that, for those not directly exposed to the Evil of Walker, he PROJECTS an image far less harmful (with a generous assistance from the MSM and FOX).


And if he happens to become the 2016 GOP POTUS nominee,he’ll lose his home state just like Romney.


You nailed him!!! Wish you were wrong

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When his own party calls his budget “crap” you know Walker is off the reservation.
He’s damaging a great university system for no good reason. But then he’s isn’t the only repub. gov. doing this. And it hurts me. I spent a career educating aspiring scientists and medical students and this clown wants to do away with it all.

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