Discussion: Walker Under Fire From GOP Over 'Crap Budget' As He Hits 2016 Travel Circuit

So many ‘Ricks and Scotts’ in the GOTP.

all with the ethics of a pedophile priest
or a JoshDuggar.


Isn’t that $250 million he’s taking away from education the exact amount he’s giving to the rich to build a sports stadium? Yup, nothing like welfare for the poor billionaires so they can continue to drink wine and eat lobster and steak which welfare to the poor forbids.


Which simply highlights the incredible incompetence of the Democratic Party when it comes to informing its own voters about the consequences of Republican government. Name me the nationally prominent Democrats who’ve even mentioned Scott Walker by name more than once, and you’ll come up with HRC and her campaign’s lawsuit about voting rights in Wisconsin. What do you hear from the sainted Russ Feingold and US Senator Tammy Baldwin, whose own Democratic constituents are getting abused every day by Walker and his band of thugs? The Democratic Party only gives a crap about people in individual states as a source of donations to the DNC; other than that, the state Democratic parties—and the people they represent—are on their own.


I note a “Livestrong” bracelet on Walker’s wrist. Is he identifying with a certain Lance Armstrong I wonder?
Better test this boy for drugs.

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I got a candidate…rick scott…or booby jackass jindal

That’s one of the Big Holes in the story that is being told about him. Walker can win a bluish state, he was elected three times!!

He was elected twice, both in off years, and survived a recall election that most people simply disagreed with on principle. I definitely see him losing WI if he gets the nomination.


Three elections, now. What you’re saying is ridiculous.

It’s called “The Banality of Evil”.

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What has happened since the last election has pissed off many in WI, Dems, Inds, Repubs. I stand by my statement that he couldn’t win WI.


Which is funny since that was why there was a recall. And why he was totally screwed when it was time for his third election.

And he was totally screwed anyway because he would be indicted any minute now. Any minute now. Any…minute…now…

But I’m sure the fourth statewide election for him will be totally different.

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Quite Right you are on all points.

May I add that the Democratic Party is uncaring about or incapable of stemming the tide of Republican-based “news” from the MSM. Which make it more difficult to go against what Mann and Ornstein have identified as “False Equivalency”.

FOX has gone about as far as it can, for effectiveness. FOX is for cheering the Home Team. Those viewers need little or no “information”

Nor want it.

The MSM is where the action (er…money) is. The Great Distracted…That is their wheelhouse/audience.

Walker is not well liked in our state. In a recent poll, Clinton would win 52% to 40%. Yep Romney and Wisconsin’s home boy Ryan lost 52/45.


In a recent Wisconsin poll, Walker would lose to Clinton. Clinton 52% Walker 40%. He is NOT well liked in the state. With his latest budget woes, mismanagement of taxpayer money, adherence to tea party ideals and constant absence from the state campaigning despite telling voters during the run-up to re-election that he was not going to run. He opened a campaign office in Iowa before he was even sworn for his second term.

He is smarmy, devious and very dangerous. The more others outside of Wisconsin learn about Scott the less appeal he will have. He is not a bright man and consequently is the perfect puppet. He only does what his handlers tell him to say and do.


His primary opponents sure are taking their sweet time piling on, but that’s no way this man survives his own party’s opposition research, if he runs.

You are so right about the Dem’s incompetence in terms of messaging. The savings inherent in the ACA extend the life of Medicare by estimates of 5-15 years even this early in its implementation. Where is that in the news? And this is just one issue.

That’s a nice number to see, but there’s a long time between now and the election for the GOP to hammer away at HRC, which it will do with the active assistance not only of Fox, CNN, and the radio ranters but also the New York Times and WaPo. My hope is that HRC, by virtue of her long marriage to one of the few Democrats who seems to have the remotest clue about political communications, will not allow the Republicans to define and frame the messages all campaign long.

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Besides, the actual number of true swing voters—those whose political affiliations can’t be discerned from their voting patterns—is far smaller than is commonly portrayed by the MSM. The large majority of so-called “swing voters” or “independents” actually vote reliably for Republicans or Democrats. Those people who are truly unaffiliated in any way are the lowest of the low-information voters, and reaching them is much less important than getting the Democratic “base” out to the polls. If Clinton (or Sanders or whoever) can get more or less the same number of Dems to vote that the Obama campaigns did, it would take an incredible GOTV effort AND significant voter suppression for the GOP candidate to win the general. Well, we know that the GOP will try every voter suppression tactic in the books, don’t we?

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Who’s doing that? Certainly not the post to which you reply. That says, in essence, he’s the strongest candidate and therefore the most dangerous. Least-worst for whom? Not the country.


I read ‘somewhere’ that the Packers are looking for a new home…

“Isn’t that $250 million he’s taking away from education the exact amount he’s giving to the rich to build a sports stadium? Yup, nothing like welfare for the poor billionaires so they can continue to drink wine and eat lobster and steak which welfare to the poor forbids.”

Is he gonna demand the wealthy welfare recipients get drug tested too before he gives them 250 million?

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