Discussion: Voters Recall 3 Colo. Ed Board Members Who Pushed AP History Edits

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Well good; I needed some good news after Kentucky and Houston.

But reporter, this:

¨The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity got involved in the race early with the intention of educating voters about the issues championed by the three endangered board members. ¨

strikes me as a rather charitable framing of AfP´s methods. Though if by ´education´ you mean using flim-flam to push their nihilist Libertarian agenda, you might be right.


So now Colorado students will be denied the alternate theory Washington crossed the Delaware on a T-Rex? Teach the controversy!! This nation is doomed to perish by the heavy hand of the PC police. Oh the humanity!!


And it wasn’t even close - all three were recalled with 65% percent. The entire board will flip with 5 members from the pro-recall forces.
In neighboring Douglas County where right-wing wackos had a 7-0 control, three incumbents lost handily. So it will be 4-3 now. Watch for fireworks as the good citizens of Dougco fight to take back their schools like Jeffco just did


Charter schools have been a disaster in Michigan. If the only thing you know is that one school is a charter school and one school is a public school, your best bet is the public school.


This is an example of voters (1) sitting out an election, or (2) not doing due diligence prior to an election, thus the need for a recall and to repair the damage that was caused.


Ummm, I think you mean was not even close. 2:1 against is close to a landslide. Heck, if we look around JeffCo I’ll bet we could find a third of them who’d agree the sun rises over the Rockies to shine on the dome of JeffCo courthouse.

Thank doG for a sop to the forces of sanity in yesterday’s dog’s breakfast of an election.


But Colorado has SIXTY FOUR counties, and JeffCo is only one.

I’d expect Denver itself to have sufficiently cosmopolitan & other urbanized forces to preserve itself from the worse symptoms of this fungus, and Boulder as well given the UCol is there,

But JeffCo is sort of Greater Denver’s Big Stupid Moon, right? Surely there are dozens of Colorado counties in each of which some wingnut faction or other rules with stone ages tool over that county’s school curriculum.

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After Kentucky and Houston, I believe it is past time for Wasserman-Schultz to go.


So, the Koch brothers spent ‘only’ $250K… on a SCHOOL BOARD race!!

                       Hoooo --  Rayyyy  !

Jeffco has the second largest school district in state, just barely edged out by Denver schools. So what happens in Jeffco is important in the state

Also one of the recalled members is part of the Neville family, as in GOP senate candidate Tim Neville. Wonder how this will affect his prospects


Only $250K… this time. AfP and other right-wing organizations are learning how much to spend, election by election, state by state, dogcatcher by dogcatcher.

It’s a lesson Democrats have to learn, but seeing last night’s election results, it’s also a lesson we’re woefully behind on.

I don’t know what kind of alarm bells it’s going to take, but we need to ring them, loud, and now. For Democrats, voting has to be something we’re straining at the bit to do, in every single election we can.


Excellent! Defend public, secular education. It is the foundation of our democracy and the best hope we have for providing a sane and livable world for future generations.


I know, right?

three endangered board members

How friendly is that?

But, but,the Koch Brothers were on Morning Joe and they swore up and down they are not spending money to back any one candidate and guess what else, they are against corporate welfare and have only the little guy’s best interests at heart.


What happened in Houston.

PA SC went for Dems too. This ensured PA will stay blue for a while. Ohio ended gerrymandering. Lot of good news for Dems yesterday despite the KY debacle.


Time and money would be much better spent if the American people stopped voting against their interest. Kentucky just elected Matt Bevin, people in Kentucky will not let him take away their healthcare, recall coming.