Discussion: Virginia Government Creeps Toward Shutdown Over Obamacare

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“Vrig. Government Rolls Full Steam Toward Shutdown Over Obamacare”

This is the headline on the homepage for the above article.

I have never seen the abbreviation “Vrig.” for Virginia – it makes absolutely no sense. “Virg.” maybe (that’s bad enough on its own but at least the letters are in the right place) but “Vrig.”???

How about just “VA” like the post office and the rest of the world uses?

It’s been corrected and now says “Virginia”, error probably result of haste.

Minnesota in 2011 had a GOP legislature that shut down the government when the Democratic governor didn’t give them everything they demanded. That worked out badly for the Republicans. I hope Gov. McAuliffe give Gov. Dayton a call to discuss strategy. Dayton played it brilliantly.


The voters of VA voted for Barack Obama twice! They voted for two Dem Senators, a Dem Gov and a Dem AG! All of whom support the ACA but the GOP led House is trying to block the will of the people! Gotta love those cons!


“The Republican-led House has refused to budge.”

…can we call that the motto, no, better yet, the epitaph of the Tea Party???

Think how many times it’s been used in perfect context since 2010… both in DC and in Legislatures across the land.


“will of the majority” be damned…


Ha! The Obamacare “train wreck” the cons have been predicting has finally happened…to the Republicans! The GOP is having a meltdown over the ACA’s success, and now, the rats are jumping ship. They see light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s the "O"train coming straight for them!


There’s a little link to the staff email up top, DB, they tend to be very responsive if you privately email them with corrections…


I am pretty sure, as I remember, Dayton took a classic “please proceed, Republicans” approach, which is certainly a great option for Mac…


It’s the train coming at 'em all right, just like in dozens of Road Runner cartoons. Meep meep!


So, I must assume that republicans in Virginia are anti corporate profit if they are against Obamacare and the millions of premium paying customers being directed to private insurance companies by the mandate.


One must be a sadist or a masochist to vote GOP.


Good to see the GOP has learned nothing from the destructive “shut 'er down” meme they love so much. This bunch of regressives might just turn VA blue permanently.


Dare we to hope a falling anvil is involved here?


Possibly because that is often read as “Veterans Affairs”. But I agree, “Virg.” (which is what is now reading on the front page) is not an abbreviation I have ever seen. My suggestion would be “Va.” which I think would not be misread the way “VA” can be.

The state of Louisiana has the same problem; when I see “LA,” I usually read it as “Los Angeles,” and quite often lately I have seen the state name abbreviated as “La.”

Hey, we are no longer a democracy, remember? We are living in a oligarchy, and this is a perfect example.


Shutting down the government over the right to deny health insurance to 400,000 citizens. That’s the Republican way.


Jeff Schapiro’s take on this (he covers Virginia politics for the Richmond Times-Dispatch) from this morning’s paper:

Maybe, on health care, he [McAuliffe] keeps groping for common ground with the House, giving up at the last minute to keep Virginia from going over the fiscal cliff and — consistent with his on-stage persona — to attempt the dramatic: a health care fix by executive fiat that could toss the whole mess to the Virginia Supreme Court.

The full article is worth reading: http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/state-regional/virginia-politics/jeff-schapiro/schapiro-mcauliffe-learns-his-job-the-hard-way/article_78ff19f7-9508-52fa-890f-460af084542f.html

Passing preemptive legislation on Medicaid Expansion, ensuring voter suppression, wiping out abortion clinics, bigotry on immigration and gay rights, busting unions and attacking women, infants, children and minorities.

All necessary ingredients for the extreme right to feel good about their America. VA just rejected, en toto this crazy pattern. The fight is in progress to return VA to the Confederate fold.