Discussion: Va. GOP Chair Urging Party To Boot Dave Agema Over Latest Racist Comments

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Again, how can you throw out a guy for just talking to his base?


Ah, the “I like that black guy so how can I be racist?” defense so dear to all Tea Party supporters of Ben Carson, Allen West, Herman Cain, etc.

Hint: if you embrace a member of a minority group because said member advocates treating his group as inferiors, liking the black guy who tells you what you want to hear doesn’t absolve you of racism.


Just from look’s alone, I’d say Agema is a switch-hitter!


Wouldn’t it be nice if some GOP people from Michigan would call out this racist. Too close to home? One has to wonder.


Which is one of the main reasons they haven’t tried very hard to jettison his sorry ass. He provides the rest of those far rightwing nutjobs cover. Essentially, they believe what he believes, but he acts as a useful foil whenever his name gets brought up.

Meanwhile Governor Snyder signed legislation from the rightwing nutjobs in our Capitol right before New Years, to have welfare recipients submit to drug testing in “three unspecified counties”. Wanna guess which counties he picks? Oh I don’t know… maybe those with high African-American populations perhaps? They snuck that one by when they thought no one was paying attention, as usual.


Agema has a bright future spending a week in the lead in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.


“However, my experience has also taught me that blacks are different by almost any measure to all other people. They cannot reason as well. They cannot communicate as well. They cannot control their impulses as well. They are a threat to all who cross their paths, black and non-black alike,”

How is this anything but unabashedly racist? And he blames political correctness? No, jackass, this is straight racism. It’s absolutely racist to suggest that an entire race of people are unreasonable, inarticulate, impulsive, and threatening. To do so is the very essence of racism. The fact that Alan West posted this disgusting screed doesn’t somehow make it not racist. It just means West is a self-hating, deranged, piece of shit who idiotically thinks the author was somehow talking about all the other black folks that aren’t him.


We’re living in strange and regressive times indeed when a member of the leadership of a a major national party in the United States is saying crazy racist crap you’d expect from a Ku Kluxer in 1927. On the other hand, this kind of thing can be used in a kickass attack ad.


As someone raised in Michigan, it saddens me to see what is happening to that state. I never dreamed Snyder would win reelection by a strong margin. The state with the best roads and highways services is disintegrating fast. And Agema is just another of those ultra-conservative (i.e. racist) Christians who thrive in southwest Michigan. (My folks used to call them “damned Hollanders” which I know is wrong.)


It is unabashedly racist and there are so many white people who think and feel like Agema it’s pathetic, and apparently some black folks too- if that is indeed a comment made by Alan West


You have not argued with many cons have you?
Let me play this scenerio out for you…

You: You just said a whole race of people are stupid and dangerous. That by definition is racism.
Con: You just called me a racist! Did anyone else hear it? He just called me a racist! How dare you spew your racist crap at me. Anyone who is not tolerant of my intolerance is a flaming race baiter and the cause of all racial strife in American. May you and the rest of the n words you love so much burn in hell for ever… P.S. I am not racist because I want you and all blacks to die and burn in hell. I am just responding in kind to the horrible outrageous display of racism you just hurled my way… I feel so dirty now I think I need to go find a minority protest to drive my car through at highway speed. I love the crunching sound…

PS. THERE IS NOTHING WHAT SO EVER RACIST IN MY POST, so stop harassing me you America hating, racist Libtards! Oh, and Sarah Palin is the bestest ever. :slight_smile:

edit: BTW, not that I can tell easily, because I am color blind, however to all the people calling me a racist, I have only one thing to say to you… I am not black. Ergo, I am not a racist. QED. Because everyone in America knows the only racists living today are the n words…


the fact that they would even have to consider their options tells me everything I need to know about the current state of the Republican Party.


Oh yeah? Well Harry Byrd was in the Klan in the forties! So who’s the real racists, Republicans or Democrats? Besides, he says he’s not racist, so case closed.


STOP poaCHIng MY taLKING POINts LIbtard.


But but but,… the real racists are those who point out racism.



Aw, quitcher bitchin’ I left you “what’s racist about that?” And I tried to leave you “pointing out racism is racism,” but Lestatdelc hoovered that one up.


WHat’s RACISt abOUT TRUE facts FROM the INterNEt. “POLITICAL correctness” run aMOK is destroying American INtercourse!11!1!one!1!!!


They don’t like when their cohorts stop using dog whistles.


I know, it’s like you pull the cord in the back of Chatty Cathy’s neck and the whole rap comes out over and over again: “And Lincoln was a Republican and Americans fought to end slavery and the liberals are the real racists because they keep talking about race all divisively-like when there’s really no racism left anymore if there ever was any to begin with except liberal reverse racism and political correctness so shut up.”