Discussion: US Diplomats Find Creative Ways To Fly Pride Flags Despite State Dpt's Rejection

Points for a creative response to unnecessary douchebaggery from this administration.


Unnecessary douchebaggery… AKA everyday operations in ever single governmental department tainting and coloring absolutely everything.

A cancer of hate oozing along.

But hey, people are tired of the Democrats complaining constantly about the damage done by trump. Complicit, willfully ignorant people.


The thing that confounds me about the Trump Administration variety of the GOP is whether their policies are merely the petty thought-burps of Stephen Miller and his ilk or the crazy mental meanderings of idiots who think Jesus loved punching people in the mouth.


cue tweet ordering the removal of any rainbow-colored items from the exterior and interior of embassies in 3…2…



Before this year, flying a Pride flag was a matter of course, ever since the Obama administration encouraged foreign policy agencies to celebrate in 2011. Only within the past year have diplomats been forced to obtain top-level approval to fly the rainbow colors.
So when Pompous Pompeo became Secretary of State is when the rainbow had to be rejected. Just let it sink in that Tillerson at 66 years old and from Texas is/was more liberal than the 55 year old Kansas ass.


Trump etal are such petty punitive little bullies. Kudos to those that rebel!


Here in Luxembourg they flew the rainbow flag the last two years. I thought this was because we had no ambassador to tell the staff not do so. Since the PM is in a gay marriage I suppose that the staff had the excuse of not wanting to cause a diplomatic incident. I will drive by the embassy today and see if it is flying or not, as we now have an ambassador who could led take responsibility for deciding what to do.


Just checked, can confirm that the pride flag / rainbow flag is not up this year at the Embassy in Luxembourg. A shame, this.


Trumpism: Promoting an imaginary coup. Missing the global insurrection.


So is this going to be an excuse for purging the remaining professionals at the state department?


Sorry, the bottom half has to go. It’s too dark for today’s GOP.


blue skies, smilin’ at me, nothin’ but blue skies, do I see


Bravo for the diplomats’ creativity. Thank you diplomats for representing the real America that cares.


Imagine how it feels when nobody listens to you, follows your orders or works around you. Imagine there is a country whose leader is this incompetent individual. How effective could that person be on the world stage? How productive could he be in implementing his/her duties or national policy? How safe would the country be as this person is ignored more and more?

Donald might want to be a fascist demagogue and top banana in the world order, but he seems to lack the capacity to pull it off except in cases where his minions are crafty and as ruthless as he is.

You can be sure this situation will not remain in flux. Other domestic opportunists will begin to manipulate and, take over leadership roles to push their own agendas like Barr and McConnell have. They will follow the model Putin so effectively executed. Trump has created an empty void that will be filled by whomever is clever enough to stroke his ego. .

If Trump wins the next election, our national security will continue to be in dire danger from outside forces and our democracy could disappear as a group of ambitious military leaders at the Pentagon decide to seize power to correct “the problem.”

God, I’m conflicted about this. I wholeheartedly agree with what they’re doing, but I guarantee this will be used as an excuse to undermine our next President who is a Democrat. FOX will cheer, other MSM will jump all over bothsiderism and we will not only have a divided America, we will have a divided government.

It’s not a divide that is anywhere close to 50-50 and by god if we start ejecting our values to win what does that make us? It makes us Repugicans.

Buck up! The majority of Americans is in favor of LBGTQ rights.


You missed my point

Ok, your point was as I comprehend that you agree with the sentiment but you are afraid our support for gay rights will be used against us.

Am I correct?