Discussion: University Of Maryland Investigates 'Reprehensible' Racist Frat Email

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Well, did he get his d**k s****d or not?


Such a romantic guy, though any English comp teacher would advise him to use the passive voice less in his writing examples.


I don’t know what d*ks means, but surely this guy is going to get f’d


I am shocked, shocked to discover this kind of thing was going on in a fraternity. And what a shame when a few bad apples spoil a good time for everyone by breaking the rules.


What gets into people? Even as an idiot teenager, I never had thoughts like this much less put them into writing.


Lance Romance here sounds like if he likes ANY voice, it would be the passive one.


Well, I’m sure this is just an isolated incident. One of thousands and thousands of isolated incidents.


Really. There are more assholes in a frat than there are cows on a cattle drive.



20-something white men should pretty much be written off and shunned by polite society. I mean, would or should you trust one with your daughter, your car, your money, your computer, your business, your home, your…anything??


Exactly why do Universities and Colleges continue to recognize these obnoxious organizations?


Too soon…

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Sounds like a cool guy to hang out with.

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Maybe a little subjunctive, like ¨Would that my dk were sked!¨


The author is now likely the CEO of a fortune 500 company. This was just part of the resume.


Right. Even if he does not have the girl of his dreams in mind there might be a way to communicate raging hormone needs that could make him appear endearing even.

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FRATERNITY BLUES by Townes Van Zandt
I decided to improve my social station
I joined a fraternity organisation
Tucked in my shirt
Signed on the line
Right away they said about to improve my mind
The car I drove
The books I read
The food I ate
The booze I drank
The girls I took out
My breath

Said “Kid, we don’t much like the way you walk
And you gonna have to change the way you talk”
They said “your dress is kind of slouchy
And your attitude is mighty grouchy”
Said “you got to learn to bubble”
“You got to bubble with enthusiasm” I started bubble
“Most important thing you can’t forget
Is learning the entire Greek alphabet”
I never did really understand
That that’s gonna make me anymore a man
But I learned it
I can whip through that Son-of-a-beta backwards in five seconds
Then they hit me with some pretty bad news
Concerning the payment of monthly dues
I never did know where that money went
I never was sure it was well spent
But I paid it
I’m no trouble causer and besides I figured that’s life
If you want good friends it gonna cost you

Well, finally got to be party time
I got a great big old jug of wine
I went back to the house in about an hour
When the boy’s were drinking whiskey sours
Brandy Alexanders
Frozen daquires
Reciting the Greek alphabet to one another

I could see I was gonna have to do my very best
To get myself out of that fraternity mess
I stood right there outside the door
And I chugged that wine like never before
Walked inside and bubbled
All over a couple of their dates

So now everything’s back to normal again
But there is still lots of room for improvement my friend
'Cause that fraternity stuff is too much for me
Next time I’m gonna join a sorority
Really get me something to bubble about.


The main thing I got from that is that that guy was trying WAY too hard to be cool. If the frat hadn’t already confirmed that it was real, I’d assume it was satire. I mean, is he saying that ugly girls are allowed as long as they’re not black, Indian, or Asian? It seems to me the policy would be just to not invite ugly girls period, so the fact that he singled out which minorities to not bring unless they’re hot while using offensive slurs just seems like someone trying to be offensive. And why would Ziggy want to bring his girl to such an event? So he can share?

Overall, he sounds like the loser who always has to go overboard to prove that he belongs. And holy shit, I know emails are informal, but even I feel like a grammar Nazi reading that one.


Has Mika blamed rap music yet?


No. She won’t touch this. It’s not rap music, and it’s not Hemingway. Damned if I know anything that comes close besides other Frat emails teeming with sexual sublimation and/or frustration.