Discussion: TX Land Commissioner: Perry Could 'Pass For A West Coast Metrosexual'

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So much crazy


Patterson sounds like one closet-queen homophobe dishing about another closet-queen homophobe.


two-toed patterson strikes again. this asshole uses a glock 33 for lifts. still barely reaches 5’.

ride-dumb cowboy


Sicko Ricko isn’t macho enough for Texas?

There’s still time for that burned-out ex-guitar guy to get in the race. A pants-pooing killer of animals and yellow-backed accuser of the President? Now THAT’s a manly man!

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And he’s so TACKY, also too!

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Gives new meaning to shooting yourself in the foot. I thought perhaps he was one of the saner ones here. I was wrong.

Y’all (heheh) who don’t live in Texas have to understand how deeply the cowboy fetish is here. Its seen as pathetic to most of the rest of the coasts and upper Midwest but here and the West, its a sign of Seriousness, by Gawd! Well, and by German tourists.

I love my cowboy boots and have worn them for 30 years but please don’t confuse me with the likes of Patterson and many others here. I’d be kinda lost in Minneapolis without them…


…a brain-damaged one, maybe.

Not sure how to fit this in, so just going to stick it in here…

What, nothing about his new glasses making him look smart, I mean queer?


“I’m more conservative than he is! Why, he practically swishes when he walks and he shoots his gun like girl!”

“… small gun…”

Tiny foot sissy boy detected.

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This reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit, “Quien es muy macho?” It’s like that funny old routine has come true 35 years later.


I surmise that, in the state of Texas, a malfunctioning gaydar works generally like weak dog whistle?

Well…he does kinda have a fey aspect about him, the boots notwithstanding.

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I knew Perry should have shied away from the rhinestone Harlequin eyeglasses and flats…

Love your Texas! Groove on the hatred.

Texas is the only state where people continue to wear cowboy boots past the age of six.


“Only steers and queers come from Texas private cowboy, and you don’t much look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down” emphasized textFull Metal Jacket 1987


If Perry were to don high heels and a pink muff, I’d actually respect him more than I do.