Discussion: Two More CEOs Quit White House Panel Over Trump's Charlottesville Response


Not that this will have any effect on reining Donnie Two Scoops in, but I am very, very glad that two white guys also quit — simply because then nobody can say, “oh, well, just an overly sensitive black snowflake”…


From NYT coverage:

"Leslie A. Brun, another board member, said Mr. Frazier had emailed him on Sunday to seek his input before making his decision. Mr. Brun said he was supportive, and that he felt Mr. Frazier’s background, in some part, informed the action he chose to take.

“As you can imagine, as the only African-American in that position, on that council, you can’t take yourself out of your own personal context,” Mr. Brun said. “As a consequence, Ken had a very strong reaction to what he saw as a failure of leadership.”

"As for Mr. Trump’s reaction, Mr. Brun added, “I thought the pettiness of the president’s response, on a personal level, is indicative of how far we’ve sunk.”

Pissing off board members one at a time.


OK Donald, where’s the snarky tweet?


Waiting for the next black to resign. He never has a meltdown when a white CEO resigns.


2 white guys had already quit, Disney and Tesla and w/o a tweet from the twit.


Corporate biggies can’t stain their precious stock prices with Trump’s filth. But I’ll take these public actions as a sign of momentum.


I really don’t think it’s about that at all. I think there were a not small number of people who honestly believed they should at least try to serve because “when the president calls you to serve, you serve.” I think what’s happening now is folks are seeing that this man is unwell, that he’s dangerous, and the worst things said about him during the campaign don’t even quite sum up just what a dumpster fire of a human being he truly is.


Yeah, but Musk and the Disney CEO Iger quit over the withdrawal from the climate change agreement and not over the fact that a bunch of racists and white supremicists demonstrated in Charlottesville, and a neo-nazi ran down 20 people and Drumpfie apparently didn’t really care.

The white guys resigning now are doing it because of Donnie Two Scoops’ refusal to adequately push back against racism and domestic terrorism against minorities. That’s why I am grateful that they didn’t just let the Merck guy dangle out there on his own.


C’mon other CEO’s vote with your feet…


Though I have to say, the way my UnderArmour stock has plummeted in value over the last few years, I’m not sure how much economic wisdom is being lost by Plank leaving…


The conservative movement does not allow disagreement.

The next thing you know people will want to vote, and you’re right back at the evil liberalism conservatives are trying to kill.


As a Minnesotan I’d like to see Inge Thulin of 3M off Trump’s panel.


Who are the wimps that are still clinging to this phony economic council?
Trump just re-Tweeted a cartoon posted by a Nazi-lovin’ bimbo showing a CNN reporter being run over by a train, just two days after Heather Heyer was killed by a car in Charlottesville. They deleted the Tweet - I doubt if asshole did that himself - but the Internet, like a diamond, is forever.
Is this enough to show you what a racist, fascist piece of shit Donald Trump is, oh great Titans of the American economy? Are you still going to suck his balls? Have fun fielding the angry phone calls, and if I were you I would seriously consider giving people working in your Human Resources departments a very big raise, considering the kind of abuse they are going to be subjected to if you stick with Trump.


It’s no secret, my opinion is if this gets much worse, particularly if the financial CEOs publicly or privately see Trump as too much of a liability, he will be pressured to resign. I don’t know or pretend to know the mechanics(phone calls will be involved, tho–no Tweets except Blankfein’s).

No so-called Assembly required
Indictments welcome…


CEO’s are bound by contract to put the corporation first. They serve because it’s in their firm’s interest.

Several other members of the council have said they would remain. While condemning the violence and endorsing diversity, they also use phrases related to their companies’ profitability as justification for remaining on the council. By now they all know Trump won’t listen to them anyway, that the council is a sham.


His Trump Train tweet shows he’s really learned a lot. Oh, and his condemnation that he issued two days after the fact was clearly from the heart.

Josh’s abuse analogy seems more and more apt as the days continue. I feel like I’m getting the sh!t kicked out of me every hour I check the news.




What is wrong with Apple and Microsoft and Amazon and Tesla?

I expected Apple to pull out after Trump’s order prohibiting trans-sexual’s from serving in our military. I thought Apple supported equality and equal rights for all. Apparently not.

I’m well aware of that. I’m just not of the belief that all CEOs of major corporations are soulless, blood sucking robots. I’m guessing the CEO of Merck isn’t particularly worried about their stock prices falling because of his association with PP’s council. The same goes for Intel.