Discussion: Trump Spox Can't Specify A Veteran Group That Will Receive Money From Event Tonight

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Drumpf “Spox?” More like Reichminister of Propaganda and Enlightenment Goebbels in drag.


Duh…they have no charity…the funds are going to the trump foundation…3 groups have already come out not wanting any part of the trump usury!


I’d be interested to see the financial reports from the Drumpf “Foundation.” Wonder what their expenses are? Like that “Foundation” Barstool Palin set up, which paid out in salary to Barstool 80% of the total collected.

Amateur hour. But that’s what happens when you hire bootlickers instead of competent professionals. The media relations person for a school district or regional theater, someone on that level and above, would have known those answers backward and forward, and said exactly where the process was at that moment. For a Presidential campaign? Of a guy whose answer to every goddamn question is that he’ll hire the best people and they’ll take care of everything? Pathetic.


I would love it if every vet aid group, like Wounded Warrior Project, Got Your Six, etc, would come out publicly and say they won’t except money from a bigot like Trump. This would make my millennium!

Have they? That’s great! Do you know which ones, by chance?

The Wounded Warrior Project is keeping a low profile after that CBS News expose on their extravagant expenses on staff.


Oh. Whoops. I missed that story. That’s unfortunate.

Figures. I thought it was interesting that the NYT had a very negative article about “Wounded Warriors” yesterday.

Creeps and grifters abound, and not an insignificant percentage are republican flag-wearing scumbags.


60 minutes. last sunday.

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meanwhile at the Ted Cruz debate show


She’s “Katrina”, but I feel she’s more of a “Morticia”, or a “Cybeline”, or a “Dedalucy”, all a better fit for the lightning crack and horses going into panic every time she has to rationalize some piece of horsecrap that Trump’s said or done.

I have a vet’s group! Send me a big check, please! It’s called Kiss My Ass, Draft Dodger.


Eeeww … Mr. Trump, there’s something really smelly on the bottom of both your shoes.


Wounder Warrior Project is PERFECT for this–their travel arrangements and team building getaways are always the most luxurious, classiest of any non-profit. That guy Nardini that runs it really knows how to do non-profit in style! It will be awesome!


That’s a little more wordy variant of “In what respect Charlie? Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me.”

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The grifting will be YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!


I dunno, Katrina seems right.
She blows a lot of hot air and is a total disaster.