Discussion: Trump Says 'Totally Up To' Barr If Mueller Report Will Be Released In Full

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Which is it, TPM… Totally up to Barr, or totally up to the Attorney General? Which may be the Janitor as Acting following the Thursday Night Massacre (since we all know Mueller just loves Fridays)…

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Well then, I guess there will be a rush to leak the full report then, right? People are saying that every bush around the White House has at least two reporters hiding in it.


“I guess from what I understand that will be totally up to the attorney general,” Trump told assembled reporters.



Well, either AG Barr will do trump’s bidding or trump falsely believes he will. trump’s comment confirms he thinks he’s going to get his way.
Stay tuned…


Leaks will force a full disclosure.


Oh, I think Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the Democratic House may have a little to say about that theory of yours, Fat Ass.


“I guess from what I understand that will be totally up to the attorney general…"

“…who I believe is in my back pocket and a loyal partisan stooge who has already previously proved his willingness to abuse the law to go to bat for our white Christian nationalist party.”


Not really. They’d have to get a change to the law passed. Not happening.

If, as has been speculated here, Barr is an establishment rethug plant who wrote that memo to get Spankee’s attention and the AG position, we may all see the report- national intelligence goop redacted. One can hope.

I don’t think this will happen because I don’t trust any rethug.


[Believing in Santa] is sketchy at 7, right?

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Now Now…not nice to body shame tRump. Just call him Putin’s Ratfucking Penis Pouch.

Or something from here…

15 Hilarious Nicknames Donald Trump Has Been Called

You can also learn the words to Colbert’s parody of Elton John songs including "Hold Me Closer Tiny Hand Sir"


He really thinks he’s gonna get away with all of it, doesn’t he?Just hoping there’s a ‘Daniel Ellsberg of our time’ out there.


He couldn’t leave it alone, could he? He couldn’t have just stayed silent.

Any time this man says anything (even with a quote like this one), the process or event involved gets corrupted. Nothing Trump approves of or even has a benign take on it does NOT have some outcome beneficial for HIM.

Shoulda kept his mouth shut…but everything is always about HIM


Short answer (I gotta trudge through ice n snow): I’m not worried about any Mueller conclusion, because one of the probe’s operators is Speaker Pelosi.

Though DOJ should choose wisely, part of me hopes that they ‘Trump’ up the summary, because house hearings have great entertainment value.


He equates no action against him as vindication. He doesn’t realize we can see the stain on the back of his shorts. I said a long time ago that he will never have a normal day in the White House after this started rolling. Will say it again. The stench is too great for it to all go away and be forgotten.


Maybe somebody has hammered it through the dotard’s skull that a full report is actually highly popular, and he’s too chickenshit to actually block it himself.


He only manages to appear slightly calm for short periods of time. In between he’s in private for hours, screaming at the tv, smashing out tweets.

Thinks he’s going to get away with it? I’ll humbly beg to differ. I think he’s come to fully realize how fucked he is and that there isn’t any escape.

Now he’s shitting his pants that the indictments will drop before he can arrange for Putin to pick him up in Hanoi next week.


The president’s statement is… just utterly not believable.

No need to any more life energy refuting this criminal on the.

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“I guess from what I understand that will be totally up to the attorney general,” who told me before I nominated him that it was totally up to me because he serves at the pleasure of the Trump and the Trump’s pleasure is to be forever, forever grifting away, grifting, grifting away.