Discussion: Trump Praises Congressman Who Attacked Reporter As A ‘Fighter’

Giovante didn’t fight for the state, he fought for HIMSELF because he’s a violent man who had no impulse control.

The fact that the president would praise something like that would normally be concerning but then we are not dealing with a normal person.


Sucker punching a reporter covering your congressional campaign for asking about your problematic position on the ACA is not exactly “fighting.” But it is the type of “fight” that Trump LOVES, one where the win is guaranteed and usually involves a breach of the law.

Gianforte is a braying FOX -Dixiecrat GOP Cookie Cutter empty suit, just like the crop of stereotyped Reagan Congresspeople before the current Tea Party empty suits.


[quote=“trumpdog, post:2, topic:77101”]
The fact that the president would praise something like that would normally be concerning
[/quote]Normally, a politician physically attacking a member of the media for simply asking an uncomfortable question would not just be concerning … it would be an outrage. And it would be an outrage to a real president. And for a president to approve of it would be a disqualifying outrage. It’s still an outrage to most people. But, too many - not you or me or most of us here at TPM - are getting numb. And the former reality TV show host is trying to drag the entire country down to the lowest level possible. We cannot let any of this become normal or accepted or expected.


I had to laugh when Gianforte spoke at the rally last night and told them that the Republicans would give them health insurance they could afford. They all cheered and clapped. Unfortunately, it won’t cover anything either. I though to myself, if these people were smart enough to understand what they are really being told, this might be them:


I have a relative who works for a foundation trying to remedy polarization in the US. I grew up during Vietnam and remember that being a polarizing issue. However, the advent of FOX propaganda on several Cable TV channels, supported by Rupert Murdoch’s print media empire has spawned a tribe of Right Wing Resentful White Folks who are not disposed to care about adherence to any laws and are very disposed to obtaining and exercising power at any cost. They don’t care that Gianforte committed a crime, or that he is a cowardly bully. As a national demographic they don’t care that their Senate Majority stole a SCOTUS appointment from President Obama or that they are going to steamroll Kavanaugh on to the court to join with Alito, Gorsuch and Roberts in screwing the US for generations to come. Hell, they don’t even care that they won the Presidential election only with Russia Spy Agencies’ help and elected a total incompetent and mentally ill fake white businessman to run the country who has no higher preocupation than his image and is so fucking vain that being over 70 years old, he still wears a bleached blonde hair helmet that is about as genuine as his fake tan.


I think Assaulted a Reporter would be a better headline. Attacked can mean a few things, he physically assaulted him.


The Guardian was really not happy this morning.


Of course, Donald and the congressmen who would assault a representative of the American free press will be hiding under a desk if the reporter fights back, and considering what wusses these RW fucks almost always are, they’d be screaming for “Mommy!” while running out of the room with their hands in the air like a 12-year-old kid.

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Trump praises violence…again.

And then he blames his ardent followers for his possible impeachment and they don;t get it.

He goes tp Montana to support a senate run for a guy and does nothing but talk about himself ad his various legal problems. AND his mental state. He claimed that because the economy is percolating along (or some such bullshit) and the military is strong and that he can expound on a speech without notes… that that means he’s not a fruitcake. He’s a guy I would not go to for a psych evaluation.


I believe there’s audio of that incident.

It’s nice to see the FN>ON * is worried about impeachment. He might also be concerned that 46 will sacrifice him to Jesus on a stone altar at his very first opportunity.

*See: Rex Tillerson’s assessment.

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Merely incremental evidence that Trump is a thug, though too cowardly to engage in fisticuffs himself.

The man is an absolute disgrace, and not just as Preznit.


Ugh. It was awful last year. It’s even worse this year. trump supports felonious assault should be in a campaign ad.


If he were black, DJT would have called him a “thug.” If brown, a member of MS13.


Yeah a real ‘fighter’. JHC. Where is ‘plaid shirt man’ when you need him? This is gag worthy.

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Donald’s a great fighter too you know. He beat the hell out of a wrestler!


Having lived down the street from the Gianforte’s in Bozeman, I can tell you one thing: Gregg is no fighter and is basically a creak puff who hires others to fight for him. He dodged ever serving in the military…just like Trump (corporal shin splints). It takes a coward to know a coward.

Gregg and his wife Suzie are way out there on the deep edge of the religious right…their kids are as socially inept as you could ever imagine. They are one strange family…right along the banks of the East Gallatin River.

Fighter…no. Crooked and racist…you bet.


So, now we have the next step in boiling the frog.

Literally supporting physical violence on reporters.

According to Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna, who witnessed the incident, “Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground,” then “began punching the man” and “yelling something to the effect of ‘I’m sick and tired of this!’”; Acuna added that Jacobs was not showing “physical aggression” prior to the altercation.[46] Following the incident, Jacobs went to the hospital for x-rays.


I’m glad you brought this up. This rally which could have been held in Nuremberg was just another road show in praise of donald. “Gianforte, I said it, check. Now listen to me whine about the Times and impeachment which I don’t talk about but THEY do.”