Discussion: Trump: People Will Fall Asleep Without Me At The Democratic Debate (VIDEO)

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a person at CNN and a couple of other people

Well, there you go. Case closed. Shouldn’t there be a larger scrum to record these gems?


Who the f*ck cares about Donald Trump anymore?

Edited to add: This will be my response to all Donald Trump stories from now on. (Unless and until he announces a third party run, and then I will encourage him to get all the publicity he can manage)


To answer your question, writers at TPM still do, but the readers don’t, But a third party run would be worth taking a look to see him squirm

The casino magnate doesn’t pay much attention to politics so he has no way of knowing that HRC has been participating in debates since she was on her high school’s debate team and was exceptionally good. She’ll bring an encyclopedic knowledge of all the issues, she will have done her homework, and she’ll be at ease and comfortable. Harrumph thinks it’s enough just to show up and be his fabulous, stupendous, beautiful self.


Would it be too flip of me to observe that by virtue of the fact that you’re posting something on a Donald Trump story, you must care at least somewhat?


Since the folks who like to watch The Donald aren’t the one interested in seeing an actual debate, they WILL likely turn in early.
Unless they watch the Arkansas Alabama game.

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Obviously the ‘car accident’ tune-in won’t happen with the Dem debate ratings…Donald’s just churning up the garden soil for his ‘spontaneous and off the cuff’ post debate plantings.

No doubt the viewership will indeed be lower than the GOP debates. It’s very likely that many of the kinds of people who enjoy carnival freak shows, live-broadcast railway collisions, alien autopsy documentaries, making crank call-ins to C-SPAN and the Kardashians will be absent from the viewing audience.


Yes, too flip. He cares about TPM.

We all have our buttons. I get mad when I accidentally click on a Slice piece, because it wasn’t identified as such.

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People sleep well when they feel secure.


TPM, will you be covering the debate or only Trump’s reaction to the debate?


What is the worst fate that could befall American presidential politics?

It might not be entertaining.


Plus he doesn’t actually debate: he performs. He took a few cheap shots at some of his fellow clown car contestants in the first GOP perloo, and that went over big with a segment of the GOP base that somehow believes that sort of behavior qualifies as ‘debating’. He mainly ducked and shrugged in the the second GOP cattle call and lost some portion of the nimnod segment. He operates off the notion that it’s not possible to lose a debate when you don’t engage in debate in the first place. That works well in the GOP setting. As we know from the 2008, tho, that’s not how the Dems work. There’s no doubt that attempting the level of engagement that typifies Dem debates would stand out in the GOP setting, but there’s no reason to think it would help the candidate doing it, because that setting actively discourages debate. Conversely, there’s no doubt that trying to pull off the stunts the GOP setting encourages would stand out on a stage of Dem candidates, but there’s even less reason to think it would help the candidate doing it and grounds to think it would disqualify that candidate from even continuing.

If some intrepid reporter were to ask Trump how he thinks these debates should work, what would be revealed is a total disconnect between what he says about them and how he actually behaves in them.


It’s true – all that level-headedness, common sense and reason will bore the sensationalistic Honey Boo-Boo/Duck Dynasty class of couch potatoes.


Oh, I still get a flicker of interest in what it says about Republicans that this puerile twit is the most popular candidate so far. And then there´s the slim but real chance that he could be the next President of the country.

I know I tuned in specifically to watch JEB stick Dad’s old shiv into Donald’s abdomen…didn’t happen (sigh!). Maybe Charles Koch will run one of his new, uplifting Koch Industries spots in the debate? You know, the ones that, by implication, have him admitting what a fraud and a putz he’s been with his political expertise…

Trumop … me, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, me, me me

others … Benghazi, Clinton, Abortion, Kim Davis

Trump … Me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, me, me, me

others … Trump, Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

Trump … me, me, me , mine, mine mine, me, mem, me .

Actually, I have an idea that the mind numbing, sleep-inducing candidate will be Trump. although you do have to give Carson’s drug-addled delivery some points.

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I only care because I fear for my TPM compatriots who must endure the brain-jarring dissonance that leaks out of the Trumphole on a regular basis.


Of course, if asked to name these people Trump wouldn’t be able to. Because they don’t exist. His compulsive bullshit throwaway lies could easily be pointed out by the press, but they are only there to cheer on the horse race and so they just let him go on.


I’ll cop to still having at least a morbid interest in his antics. I just can’t get over the ongoing implied message that this is just a show to him, measured by ratings and maybe by polls too but not actually meaning anything. He’s like a Bizarro Grand Canyon: you stand by the edge and marvel at how shallow it is.