Discussion: Trump On Carson's Violent Past: 'It's A Very Strange Situation' (VIDEO)

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What a choice…

Amoral versus psycho

(or is it the other way around?)


I didn’t think it possible but Carson is making Trump sound less than batshit insane.

Which explains why Carson is now #1 and Trump has dropped to #2 in the R primary.


Imagine for one moment if Hillary or Bernie had confessed to attacking their parental units with a heavy blunt woodworking tool.

They’d be polling in the lower 0%. Among Democrats.


The right would be screaming for their arrest and immediate execution.


The audience wasnt eating it up. And Dump looks like a sad clown.

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Trump is fact-checking Carson.
Next we’ll have Rubio giving personal finance advice.


Like the Donald and no matter if true or enhanced, I share in feeling that any combination of “hammer attack” and “mother” is troubling in the extreme. It’s like the radical anti gay political ‘preacher’ in Iowa urging the execution of gays using verbal images of wounds and excrement…One is forced to wonder about the health of the mind that speaks aloud such perverted and anti social metaphors.


This is like watching children constantly saying Nah-nah-nah, Boo-boo back and forth to one another…Its so fucking juvenile. Both are conducting substance-free campaigns. Who gives a shit about either of these idiots?


Now comes the interesting part…

Was UncaBen lying then or is he lying now…

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is Donnie Dipstick trying to imply that the good Dr has uncontrolled hammeroid rage?


Trump thrives on the infantile because he doesn’t know crap about policy.

Great. Now all the GOP candidates will try to outdo each other with stories of their rage and violence. An actual murderer will get 10 free delegates to the convention.


Well, give it some time and we may end up with a relatively sane and competent Republican frontrunner…

(Don’t hold your breadth…)

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One part of me loves to see the GOP candidates acting plainly bizarre and another is horrified.


Better than a cat fight.

Trump’s finally got his angle on Carson. Carson’s in trouble now.

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Almost 50% of voting Republicans. Unfortunately, that’s why we have to give a shit too.


The media would be saying they were unfit to hold the office of President. Carson is lauded as a hero for admitting he almost hit his mother with a hammer. I understand he is trying to say look where he was and now look where he is. Yes, it is laudable that he made it to be a top surgeon. But Carson won’t admit that if it was not for affirmative action he would not be where he is now. President Obama admits that he had help along the way to get where he is now. Also, If President Obama had ever admitted trying to hit his grandmother the media would have never left that alone.


And the cable “news” primaries continue unabated…

This entire campaign season thus far has been one big infotainment extension of the ongoing freakshow that cable news has invented for profit$, raking in ad revenues and marketshare at the expense of our democracy. So far this has not been about picking the most qualified person to be President of the US. Just the opposite. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing more than the Palinization of Politics. Is it any wonder why more and more people stay home come election day?? I can’t stand this shit.

On some level its funny. On a more serious level it is horrifying that this is how the process has devolved. Every utterance, every fart is highlighted, and no serious substance in this country is even offered by one major party in this country, and the media thinks nothing of this as a problem worthy to be discussed. Instead we get more of this crap…daily.

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